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I personally use Wo Dao to turn Draug already high damage ignis bombs (42 Player phase/50 enemy phase) into runescape 2007 gold
Ignis Nukes (52 player phase/62 enemy phase) Almost no unit in the game
can survive this.Wowie zowie he +6 def and res on enemy phase? This
makes Draugs already high defense even more absurd at 62. Almost no
physical unit in the game can even scratch that, and even if they can
they deal single digit damage. The +6 Res helps deal with the loli
dragon menace.

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Overall with this build Draug should never die to any melee unit in
the game, however you need to watch out for red/blue tomes since they
can actually dent his armor but very few can OHKO him. Only those that
can double him or have effective vs armor can do that. As such Draug
makes for a fantastic wall of death in most situations and carves
himself a unique niche amongst armors. 1 point submitted 1 month ago

If you aim to use Doga in the Arena, give a double Rally assist (or
one of the new fancy ones) and give him something for the C passive like
Atk Smoke from Kaze. Also swap Wo Dao+ for a Slaying Edge+ and give him
Aether. This basically trades his killing nuke for a more mild steroid +
healing. In some ways, he even better than he was before with self

Note: Keep him away from Slaying Lance units unless he on Defensive
Terrain. Then check if they outspeed or run Bold Fighter.Truly a man
after my own heart. The difference between us is that I run Reposition
and the vanilla Ward Armor.It IS possible to get a Jackalope from 2
parents that don have any shiny traits. Was breeding common rabbits,
male had studly, female had a health trait I think. Possibly one of them
had a trait for mutation.

Right now I going for a rabbit with Genetic Instability/Mutation +
Studly (possibly with Good breeding).End goal is Studly, Radiant,
Genetic Instability, or whatever that produces a steady stream of
rabbits with good genes that sell well.Shadows_Strider 3 points
submitted 1 month agoCherche can try to nuke non blue units with her
specials, Camilia cannot.

When it comes to actual combat viability, Cherche wins hands down
especially with personal weapons. Come Arena, Arena Assault or some GHB
map, Cherche raw nuking potential is unmatched. This is doubly so in
standard arena battles (specifically in the land of whales), where
everyone and their mother runs around with sky high bulk and Bold

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