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General Characteristics
Auto insurance premiums are the function of quite
a few aspects which make the quotes different. This post sheds some lights over
the reasons that make auto insurance rates in Illinois Air Jordan 10 For Sale
 , primarily auto insurance rates in Chicago area, different
from other parts of the country.

No Fault Insurance, where insurance carrier picks up insured’s medical bills,
rehabilitation bills and lost wages up to the amount the insured
purchased Air Jordan 12 For Sale
 , regardless of who is at fault in any car crash, is
commonly more expensive than auto insurance that follows the traditional tort
system where the faulty driver has to pay. Illinois is not a state that follows
the No Fault Insurance system.

Insurance Laws. States impose different limits of insurance for bodily injury
and property damage. In Illinois, for instance, the minimum mandatory limits are
$20 Air Jordan 11 For Sale
 ,000 bodily injury per person, $40,000 bodily injury per
accident, and $15 Air Jordan 1 For Sale
 ,000 property damage per accident. In the State of Indiana
these limits are $25,00050,00010,000; respectively. Higher limits means higher
insurance premiums.

Neighborhoods and Auto Insurance Rates. Large communities have normally
higher loss and accident rations (busy life styles Air Jordan For Sale
 , stressed drivers, busy roads, constructions, etc.) Large
metropolitan areas such as Chicago Jordan 10 For Sale
 , Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. are classified as higher risk
areas that smaller communities, or suburban areas. Some companies Jordan 12 For Sale
 , especially commercial auto insurance companies, may use
the County as a base for rating, while others may use individual ZIP codes for
rating base.

Garaging ZIP is a significant factor for commercial auto insurance. In
personal auto

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