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I felt so good about things this morning

 I even took the
Titans in a survivor pool that I was in. Good thing it was a free one on
FanDuel. Anyway http://www.titanscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-taylor-lewan-jersey ,
after the longest game in NFL history the Titans are 0-1 and lost 3 of their
best players to injury. The one that will have the most long-term ramifications
on this team this season is the injury to Delanie Walker. You can watch it here,
but fair warning, it isn’t for the squeamish. He will go to IR.Taylor Lewan was
knocked out of the game on this play. Is that legal? Sure doesn’t seem like it
should be in the same game where Malcolm Butler got an unnecessary roughness
penalty for tackling a guy. He obviously had a concussion. We will have to see
how he progresses through the protocol this week.Marcus Mariota did something to
his elbow. Unfortunately, he just cannot stay on the field. We have no idea at
this point what he did to his elbow or how serious it is. Blaine Gabbert came in
and did what Blaine Gabbert does. If you have watched him you know exactly what
that means.Welp, this is not how I was expecting to feel after the opener. I
have no idea what the rest of this season holds. As I said this morning, you
cannot get too high or too low on the teams based on what happens in week 1, but
man it is hard to not adjust the wins I was expecting from this team down a tick
or two based on what the team looked like today...and the fact that Delanie is
going to be gone for a long time, if not the whole season. Mike Vrabel knows any
improvement this year on defense for the Tennessee Titans starts with how they
finish games.Not giving up an average of 8 陆 points in the fourth quarter would
be a big step forward."We're going to do a better job of finishing games and
understanding that's when you have to be at your best is late in those games,"
the Titans first-year coach said. "And whether it's offensively there was a
turnover or what you have you, but if you look at the numbers 8 陆 points in the
fourth quarter."The Titans finished 9-7 last season, not good enough even with a
playoff victory to save Mike Mularkey's job . Getting the most out of
quarterback Marcus Mariota prompted the coaching change, but the Titans have
plenty of room for improvement on defense where Vrabel's 14 years' experience as
a linebacker and four years as an assistant coach in the NFL should pay
dividends.Vrabel looked at what Tennessee did last season and liked how the
Titans ranked fourth in the NFL against the run giving up just 88.8 yards per
game. Yes, that's something where he wants them to be better too. They also tied
for fifth with 43 sacks. All-Pro safety Kevin Byard led the league with 10 total
takeaways.But the Titans finished 17th in points allowed Cheap
Kevin Byard Jersey
, giving up an average of 21.7 points per game.
Tennessee struggled in fourth quarters, giving up 138 fourth-quarter
points."Just going out there and finishing the games," cornerback Adoree Jackson
said. "Some games we start off strong, sometimes in the second half points got
put on us and it was a battle going through. For us, keep pushing, fighting and
everyone says, 'Keep the pedal to the metal.'"Vrabel lured Dean Peas out of
retirement to be his defensive coordinator, replacing Dick LeBeau. Peas quickly
won over the Titans with his plans to switch up the defensive fronts with the
possibility of flipping outside linebackers Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan to
chase quarterbacks, and Orakpo loves what Peas wants to do."It's
attack-attack-attack," Orakpo said. "That's what it's all about. You're going to
see all kinds of different packages. I'm not giving away nothing right now, but
man, we've got a lot in store to free up a lot of guys, get some good
matchups Cheap
Marcus Mariota Jersey
, flip-flop here and there, just all kinds of
different things. I'm excited about this defense."The Titans also bolstered the
defense by signing cornerback Malcolm Butler , who's been installed as a starter
opposite his former Patriots' teammate Logan Ryan, and drafting linebackers
Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry . Evans has missed most of the preseason with an
undisclosed injury, but Landry has taken advantage of a shoulder injury
sidelining Orakpo since the second day of training camp to get plenty of
work.Two-time Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Lewan has been giving Landry tips
throughout the preseason. Morgan, who's also been helping Landry, likes what he
sees in how the Titans will be able to attack opponents."You always want to
attack on defense and in an intelligent way," Morgan said. "We have a lot of
different things that we can do schematic-wise. They do a good job of putting us
in the right position to be successful."NOTES: Butler, Morgan and TE Delanie
Walker did not practice for a fourth straight day with undisclosed injuries.
Both missed last week's game against Tampa Bay. Orakpo (shoulder), Evans, S
Kendrick Lewis and WR Michael Campanaro also did not practice Thursday. WR
Rishard Matthews ran routes and caught passes before practice, appearing closer
to being removed from the physically unable to perform list.Follow Teresa M.
Walker at teresamwalker
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