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Estella, who asks Pip to forgive her,

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Walk down the spooky stairs and try to open the door, Elena will tell
you that the key is somewhere here. Go back upstairs and search the
barrel, you will find a small key. Go back down, use the key on the door
and talk to Elena.. From there, walk slightly south west until you
reach the waterfall shortcut. After going across the stone steps at the

When in the jungle you will see monkeys kill them and they will give
you monkey bones. Once it is level 15 then go just and south east of
Varrock and there is a mine. To catch salmon you will need to go to a
river with the amount of fishing bait as you want to catch salmon/fish.
right click on a chest and toggle drop options, you will gain the
possibility of having your loot doubled.

assuring him that misfortune has opened her heart. As Pip takes
Estella's hand and they leave the moonlit ruins, he sees "no shadow of
another parting from her. As Dickens began writing Great Expectationshe
undertook a series of hugely popular and remunerative reading tours..
Note this does not include the loot that would normally fall to the
floor if your items were going to the chest, such as drops..

Trolls love goutweed. They love it so much that they've picked it
all, and now they can't get any more. However, in his smelly kitchen in
the Troll Stronghold, Burntmeat the cook has heard a rumour that
goutweed is growing once again, for anyone who's got the skill to farm
it. Besides the completion of the quest, you also need a level of 20
Defence to wear this type of armor..

However, you may ask Sir Tiffy Cashien to shift your respawn point
back to Lumbridge.You may also purchase Initiate armor from Sir Tiffy
Cashien: 20K gp for the complete set, 10K gp for the Initiate hauberk
(platebody), 8K gp for the Initiate cuisse (platelegs), or 6K gp for the
Initiate sallet (helm). Initiate is one of the few sets of armor that
boost your Prayer bonus.

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