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 , Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli Supreme Court
gave the green light on Thursday to demolish the homes of Palestinian militants
who executed attacks against Israelis in recent months.

Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor rejected appeals filed by human rights
groups objecting to the punitive measure that are used by the Israeli
authorities to deter Palestinians from carrying out attacks.

The houses to be demolished are located in the West Bank, in Ramallah, Nablus
and Kalandia (between Jerusalem and Ramallah,) according to a court protocol
provided by the Israeli Court Authority Spokesperson.

These belong to the families of Palestinians allegedly responsible for the
murder of a Jewish couple in a West Bank shooting attack on Oct. 1, another east
Jerusalem stabbing attack that killed two on Oct. 3 and other lethal attacks
from June.

The justice, however, did accept one of the requests to prevent the
demolition of an eight-story building in which a family is renting an
apartment Wojciech
Szczesny Jersey
 , as it belongs to an uninvolved third party. The
family, nonetheless, will be handed eviction notices.

Israel has demolished hundreds of Palestinian homes since 1967, the year when
it occupied the West Bank, east Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights
territories in the Mideast War, mainly as a punitive measure aimed at deterring
them from committing attacks.

In early 2005 Gianluigi
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 , a Defense Ministry committee charged that the
measure is not affective in deterring the attacks. Human rights group also
charged that the measure is an unfair collective punishment.

The Israeli security cabinet has decided recently to continue practicing home
demolitions, amid a weeks-long wave of growing violence between Israelis and
Palestinians. Some 12 Israelis and more than 80 Palestinians have lost their
lives in the violence, and Palestinian families were denied the opportunity to
rebuild their homes.

The Israeli government also said that it would set up a mechanism that would
expedite the demolition of homes.

MOSCOW, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- The investigation into the death of Russian
opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is pursuing several lines, the Russian
Investigative Committee said Saturday.

Among the lines, investigators are examining the possibility of an attempt to
destabilize the political situation in Russia and the possible involvement of
Islamic extremists, said the committee.

"For now Juventus
 , the investigation is analyzing several theories, including
murder as an act of provocation to destabilize the political situation in the
country, and Nemtsov's personality could have been a kind of sacrifice for those
who stop at nothing to attain their political ends," Vladimir Markin, spokesman
of the committee, was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

Markin added that the possibility of Islamic extremist involvement is also
being analyzed.

"In fact, there is information that Nemtsov had received threats due to his
position on the killing of Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris in
January Inter
Milan Jersey
 ," he said.

Moreover, the theory related to the internal situation in Ukraine is also
under examination, the spokesman added.

Also, the committee does not rule out possible connections with Nemtsov's
business activities or personal animosity.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses of the shooting are being questioned, according to
the committee.

Nemtsov, a former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Raphael
Guerreiro Jersey
 , was shot dead in downtown Moscow at about

According to preliminary investigation, Nemtsov was hit by four shots and six
shell casings have been found at the site.

The comic book authorities at Treasure Hunters Roadshow (THR) frequently run
across a vast assortment of superheroes. But none catches their eyes more than
Superman. With his signature red cape and “S” logo splayed proudly across his
chest, he is one of the most recognizable superheroes ever created, let alone a
globally-renowned American pop culture icon. But from where did the Man of
Steel’s creators draw their inspiration?

Before Superman was born, his creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were
hammering out the mold from which he would gradually be produced . In
1933 Marco
Reus Jersey
 , they published a short story by the name of “The
Reign of the Super -Man,” which featured a telepathic villain determined to
dominate the globe. Later that year, Siegel rewrote the character as a hero,
stripping away just about all of his previous qualities, including a bald head.
The hero was given a full head of hair, one of several features Siegel derived
from the well known film actor, director Mario
GOtze Jersey
 , producer and screenwriter, Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
Known best for his roles in the silent movies “The Mark of Zorro” and “Robin
Hood,” Fairbanks had a particular quality of strength and morality Siegel found
highly favorable for a superhero. For Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, Siegel
looked to the infamous film actor Harold Lloyd. His soft, unsuspecting demeanor
was great for the mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter. (Treasure Hunters
Roadshow trivia bonus: the Daily Planet newspaper where Clark worked was
originally named Daily Star.) Clark Kent’s name was derived from actors Clark
Gable and Kent Taylor.

Throughout the early years, Superman took an aggressive approach to fighting
scrappy villains. He would throw bad guys about with superhuman
strength Jadon
Sancho Jersey
 , exhibiting little worry for the consequences. In
late 1940, editor Whitney Ellsworth designed a code of conduct for Superman to
follow. One particular element of the code stated that Superman was to under no
circumstances kill a human being, which had a great impact on the violent,
animalistic nature of his original nature. Modifications were made, and the new
Man of Tomorrow took on a much more controlled, Herculean method to crime
fighting, which included his previous destructive style of c. NBA
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