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Steelers open as 2.5-point favorites over Buccaneers in Week 3

 After two disappointing performances to start the season http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-jordan-berry-jersey ,
the Pittsburgh Steelers might be receiving their fair share of criticism from
the fans and the media, but it would appear they haven’t lost the faith of the
bookmakers quite yet. Set to face one of the league’s seven remaining undefeated
teams in Week 3, the Steelers still find themselves favorites for their away
date with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - for now.A seemingly generous opening line
of 2.5 points has generally disappeared as of Tuesday morning, with most online
providers offering a range of spreads from -1 to -2 points at the time of this
writing. Given the Steelers' inability to stop anyone from scoring lately, it
should come as no surprise to learn that an initial totals position of 49.5
points has already seen enough action to move the line to 53.5 points too.An
early moneyline offering of -167 to +130 has been replaced by a consensus price
of -125 to +105, with most sportsbooks and anyone looking to back Pittsburgh in
Week 3 advised to wait a few days to see how much further the lines drift before
placing any wagers. Those interested in more long-term bets will find the
Steelers available at 16/1 for Super Bowl glory in 2018, a far cry from the 8/1
being offered before the year began. Anyone looking to cash in on the drama
surrounding the team might be interested in a prop bet based on Antonio Brown’s
future with the team following his ill-advised outburst on social media on
Monday.Pittsburgh has only lost twice to the Buccaneers in team history dating
back to 1976, and currently holds an 8-2 record against them. The last time the
two teams met in 2014, Tampa Bay won 27-24.Steelers’ struggles in the kicking
game continue against the Chiefs While there will be more than enough column
inches devoted to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ issues on defense in the coming days,
their problems on special teams are clearly deserving of some attention too.
Short punts http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-chris-boswell-jersey ,
penalties and poor coverage cost Pittsburgh field position once again and two
missed kicks kept four points off of the board in a game the Steelers lost by
five. The struggles of Jordan Berry have been evident to anyone paying attention
to his play ever since he entered the league. But it feels as if his steady,
annual regression is more obvious in 2018. His preseason wasn’t impressive,
earning him some criticism from Mike Tomlin after the game against the Green Bay
Packers, and the needle has been pointing downward ever since. Five punts for a
gross average of 46.4 yards might not seem horrible on the face of it, but the
31.6-yard net average they yielded absolutely is. When you consider Berry had
one great punt on the day for 59 yards with no return that rolled out on the
Chiefs 1-yard line, it highlights just how bad the rest of his kicks really
were.As much as Berry has had his supporters on social media using flawed logic
to defend his errant punts, many in the crowd at Heinz Field were quite vocal in
their displeasure after each poor kick.In reality, Berry was far from doing what
the coaching staff had told him to do. More likely, his deficiencies as a punter
have become so obvious to other teams that they are scheming to take advantage
of his mistakes. Former Indianapolis Colts All-Pro and Pro Bowl punter Pat
McAfee provided an excellent analysis of the problems Berry is creating for the
Steelers with his wayward style, explaining some of the issues
perfectly.Warning http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-ramon-foster-jersey ,
in typical McAfee style, this is not safe for family viewing and contains some
profanity. Speaking to the media after the game, Tomlin made a point of calling
out both of his kickers, but it remains to be seen what changes are made in the
coming weeks.The coaching staff had a chance to replace Berry in the preseason,
but opted to stick with the incumbent and watch Matt Wile sign the Minnesota
Vikings the second he was released instead. This despite Wile outperforming
Berry in the few opportunities he was given during preseason. It would be fair
to note, however, that Wile has hardly set the world on fire with the Vikings,
registering net punts of 36 yards in Week 1 and 36.8 yards in Week 2, compared
to Berry’s 37.1 and 31.6 net in respective weeks. For Chris Boswell, a solution
to the problem is not so straightforward Youth
Jon Bostic Jersey
, and it would be reasonable to question how much
of an issue he really has. As consistent as ever throughout the preseason,
Boswell has only missed two field goals and an extra point to date in 2018, That
being said, those three errant kicks have all proven to be rather significant.A
42-yard field goal in the rain against Cleveland was no gimme, but game-winning
kicks are something Steelers Nation became used to with Boswell in 2017. After
going nine out of 10 on kicks between 40-49 yards last year and making 35 of 38
field-goal attempts, being anything besides automatic has some fans
overreacting.While this is obviously an absurd take for a man one year removed
from a Pro Bowl season, Boswell could have won the game in overtime in Week 1,
and the kicks he missed against Kansas City effectively changed the complexion
of the game in the fourth quarter as the Steelers chased the Chiefs on the
scoreboard. Hoping to “kick my way through this,” Boswell at least did his best
to address questions from the media after the game, unlike some of his
teammates.When the kickers weren’t letting the special teams unit
down http://www.steelersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-ben-roethlisberger-jersey ,
the coverage and return teams were. Penalties negated some positive returns,
including one by Antonio Brown to near mid-field and a 24-yard kick return by
Ryan Switzer. Two drives were forced to start inside the Steelers own 11-yard
line thanks to penalties and Tyler Matakevich was personally responsible in one
of those instances. But that wasn’t his biggest mistake on the day, which
occurred on the final play of the game when a roughing-the-punter penalty cost
Pittsburgh a chance to get the ball back with 12 seconds to play. Although no
one is suggesting the Steelers would have thrown a Hail Mary to win the game if
given the opportunity, it would have been nice to at least have had the chance
to try. The coaching staff may consider they’ve got so many issues to work on
this week that the concerns about the special teams must take a backseat to the
problems on defense, but if these problems persist, changes will need to be
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