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The Nike LeBron 16 King Court Purple was an exclusive in LA.

Los Angeles was the place to go if you love sneakers this weekend. Not only did Jordan Brand open its LA store this weekend, and a number of new releases were in stock. Foot Locker also released the limited edition Le LeBron 16 King Court Purple to celebrate the arrival of LeBron James in the City of Angels.LeBron 16 Shoes The Nike LeBron 16 King Court Purple was released via the "The Hunt" app, which was exclusively available to those in LA. The LeBron Shoes were not only available through the app, but also in the Foot Locker Pop Up across from LA's NBA Jerseys Staples Center.

The Nike LeBron 16 King Court Purple ($ 185) features a purple battleknit upper and an animal print on the heel. At the end you will receive a LeBron 16 with an inspiration for Lakers and King. The shoe was sold out very quickly as expected. Were you in LA this weekend? If so, did you draw a pair? Stay tuned for a possible further release date www.lebron15inc.com.

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