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Daryl Williams Injury: Panthers right tackle will miss Eagles game in Week 7

The Carolina Panthers placed starting right tackle Daryl Williams
on the injured reserve list on Wednesday morning. Williams is set to have knee
surgery after having to be carted off the field during the Panthers’ Week 1 win
over the Dallas Cowboys.This news means Williams will not be able to suit up
when the Panthers visit Lincoln Financial Field to play the Philadelphia Eagles
in Week 7. This is a significant loss for Carolina considering Williams is one
of the better right tackles in the league. He was named second-team All-Pro in
2017. With Williams set to be out Philadelphia Eagles
, the Panthers signed free agent offensive tackle Chris Clark.
It seems like they’re going to gear him up to be their starter moving forward.
Clark ranked 70th out of 90 tackles in pass blocking last year, per Pro Football
Focus. For reference, Williams was 34th. The Eagles’ strong defensive end
rotation could prove troublesome for the Panthers as they try to protect Cam
Newton. Such was the case last year when the Eagles and Panthers played in
Carolina. In other injury news, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen will “a few weeks”
as he tries to rest his fractured foot. Even if Olsen manages to suit up for
Week 7 Philadelphia Eagles
, it hardly seems like he’ll be 100%. That’s a big deal
considering Olsen has been a reliable weapon for Newton over the years. The
Eagles will host the Panthers at the Linc on Sunday, October 21. Start time is
1:00 PM ET.Eagles vs. Buccaneers weather report: Man, it’s a hot one Leading up
to this week’s Eagles versus Buccaneers game, there’s been a lot of talk about
how the hot Tampa weather will be a factor at Raymond James Stadium. Now that
game day is here Customized
Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys
, let’s look at the forecast. Graphic
via Weather.com:Whew. It’s going to feel like 103 degrees around today’s 1:00 PM
kickoff. To make matters worse for the Eagles, the Buccaneers opted to wear
their road white jerseys, which means Philadelphia will have to wear their home
midnight green jerseys.I hardly think the Eagles’ dark jerseys absorbing more
sun than their road whites will totally flip this game, but it certainly doesn’t
make things easier for them.In addition to the heat www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com ,
it’s also worth noting there’s a chance of rain. It looks like it’ll be a
passing storm at most, so we don’t have to worry about a repeat of last week’s
Titans versus Dolphins delay.Here’s hoping the Eagles adequately prepared for
today’s weather. Break out the pickle juice if necessary. UPDATE: Spuds checking
in to tell us the Eagles will have air-conditioned benches.
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