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Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam's export growth would continue slowing in 2015 due to
the impact of slowing commodity prices, falling external demand and warning
currency competitiveness, according to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking
Corporation (HSBC).

The export growth would decelerate to 12 percent from the 13.6 percent
recorded last year, local Saigon Times Daily quoted the bank's macro-economic
report on Thursday as saying.

Although exports have achieved double-digit growth in recent years, the rates
have declined, said the report.

In 2014, Vietnam's exports reached the 150 billion U.S. dollars milestone,
expanding by 13.6 percent against 2013. However, that is a deceleration from
15.2 percent growth in 2013 and 18.2 percent growth in 2012 air
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 , said the report.

The drop was attributable to the decline in commodity shipments in value and
volume, especially crude, rubber, coal and rice. Meanwhile, footwear, apparel,
aqua products, phones, and computer parts exports rose sharply air
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 , primarily thanks to Vietnam's relative
labor cost competitiveness (up 22 percent, 16 percent, 18 percent, 13 percent
and 10 percent, respectively, in 2014).

According to the bank, the same trend will dominate export growth in 2015.
Manufacturing exports will outperform, while commodity-based shipments will

Visitors look at pictures in an exhibition held to mark the 80th anniversary
of the Red Army's Long March in the Gansu Provincial Museum, Northwest China's
Gansu on Saturday. Photo: Xinhua

An exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the end of the Red Army's
Long March opened at the National Museum of China on September 22. Over 300
artifacts are on display air max sale clearance ,
including weapons, manuscripts and paintings.

"We research, commemorate, and publicize the Long March to remember our
predecessors and stay true to our mission," Bai Yuntao, the deputy director of
the exhibition, told the Xinhua News Agency.

From October 1934 to October 1936, the Red Army, the forerunner of the
People's Liberation Army nike air max 2018 sale ,
marched through raging rivers, snowy mountains and arid grasslands to find safe
haven from the Kuomintang regime's attempts to crush the Communist Party of
China (CPC).

Some of them marched as far as 12,500 kilometers, enduring hunger, thirst and

An 80-year commitment

"I can feel the past when I see the original objects from the Long March,"
said Ji Yongxiao, a retired engineer.

"I am the same age as New China," said Zhang Pu, a retired government worker
born in 1949 nike air max 2017 sale , who
has made three trips to retrace the route of the Long March through Guizhou,
Sichuan and Gansu provinces.

"The Long March was an epic event that inspires and guides Chinese people,"
Zhang said. "The hard-working spirit we see in the exhibition has never faded.
The Long March spirit is with us today, and its aim is to make Chinese dreams
come true."

Ji Xianbin, a retired coal miner from East China's Shandong Province, served
in the PLA in 1965. He was touched when as a soldier he passed by the snowy
mountains over which the Red Army had climbed three decades before.

"I saw the mountains as sacred, and that I was lucky to have lived a better
life than the Red Army," Ji said.

"I was touched by the Long March spirit of perseverance and the Red Army's
fearlessness in the face of hardship," said Zhai Genyang nike air max
 , a high school student from Beijing.

Yu Jin, a doctoral student at Northeast Normal University, said that the Long
March spirit of unity, perseverance and high ideals reflects the essence of
Chinese culture. "We, China's youth, should be the best representatives of these
red values and should pass the baton from generation to generation," Yu said.

Foreigners absorb

Stella Dervicani, a student at the Institute
Vespucci-Colombo in Italy, is in Beijing to study the Chinese language. She and
her classmates were the first foreign visitors to the exhibition. "I had heard
about the Long March air max 2018 sale , but I
never felt close to it until I saw this exhibition. I know it made today's China
possible," she said.

Upon her return, Dervicani will be taking a modern Chinese history class at
Vespucci, which will cover the Long March. "I can't wait, having now seen this
exhibition," she said.

A bundle of grass on display caught the attention of Aurora Caselli,
Dervicani's classmate. The grass was used as food during the Long March. "This
made me understand the struggle that the Red Army faced," said Caselli.

"I could feel the hardships they suffered, like lack of food air max 2017
 , cold, and many people dying. The exhibition is very
impressive, and it brings history to life," he said.

Caitlin Brown of Chicago, Illinois and Alyssa Flanders of Madison, Wisconsin
are studying Chinese at the Peking University for the fall semester. Edgar Snow,
who taught journalism at Yenching University, the heart of what is today's
Beijing University campus, left for northwestern Shaanxi Province in
1936 air
max sale
 , where he interviewed Mao Zedong and other senior CPC

Snow published Red Star Over China the following year, which gained worldwide
attention. He also took the iconic photograph of Mao Zedong in a Red Army hat.
The hat, which was given to Snow and treasured by him for decades, was returned
to China by the Snow family after his death. The original hat, together with the
wooden box Snow kept it in, is on display at the exhibition.

"The Long March was an amazing accomplishment. I can see the strong ties
between the Army and the people," Brown told Xinhua.

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