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I have gone through many upgrade philosophies over the decade. My current one to friends and runescape gold
family that ask about upgrades is that if they are happy installing new
components. then upgrade each component to one of the best in its class
one at a time, rather than at an overall mediocre setup, as much as
budget allows.
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This tends towards outfitting a system with a great SSD, then a GPU,
PSU, and finally a motherboard/CPU/memory upgrade with one of those
being great. Over time the other two of that trio also get upgraded, and
the cycle repeats. Old parts are sold and some cost is recouped in the
process, but at least some of the hardware is always
on the cutting edge, rather than a middling computer shop off the
shelf system that could be full of bloatware and dust.This does not, of
course, mean that media consumption habits are not relevant, it just
means that they do not exist in a vacuum.Also be wary of phishing emails
or accounts, and do not click on any links you are unsure of.
The other difference is patience. This process takes time and a
willingness to let some projects ride for a while until they find what
it is they are trying to be, so team sizes are kept tiny until the game
is essentially found. A clone studio typically regards the days, weeks
or months that a designer says she needs as nothing but terrifying risk.
What happens if, after all that time, the resulting product is no good?

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