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 , March 30 (Xinhua) -- Uruguayan President Tabare
Vazquez reiterated the country's interest in hosting the 2030 World Cup with
Argentina in meeting with head of FIFA, soccer's world governing body, Gianni

Vazquez said that he ""officially (presented) the possibility of hosting the
World Cup 2030 (in Uruguay and Argentina) to the FIFA president. This proposal
comes from the two brother countries, their soccer associations and their

""It is simply a proposal, a hope, a dream and a longing to organize this
sporting event in Uruguay Cheap Danny
Duffy Jersey
 ,"" added the president.

Infantino said the talk of 2030 World Cup can wait for a while.

""We have spoken of this dream, this idea and this project for the World Cup
2030 but it is still far away,"" said Infantino in a news conference with
Vazquez held in the presidential residence.

""Before, we must organize the whole process for the World Cup 2026 and make
sure that it is clear and transparent, and then we will talk about 2030,"" added
the FIFA president.

Infantino highlighted Uruguay and Argentina's interest as ""very positive on
behalf of the two countries that have made soccer history Cheap Jason
Hammel Jersey
 , and have contributed with their players.""

""Today, organizing a World Cup is very big and very important. It involves a
lot of work and has lots of requirements but there is a lot of time for all of
this,"" said Infantino, even though he avoided giving an opinion on the
infrastructure that Uruguay offers.

The FIFA president arrived in Montevideo on Tuesday and visited the
Centenario Stadium and Penarol and Nacional's grounds. Infantino also attended
the World Cup qualifier between Uruguay and Peru.

" "

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