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 , June 12 (Xinhua) -- Croatian coach Niko Kovac slamed
Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura after Brazil's 3-1 victory in the World Cup
opener at Arena Corinthians here on Thursday.

"I had a feeling that the referee had one set of rules for us and the other
for Brazil. I don't want to talk about referees but everybody saw how he did his
job. He didn't have respect for Croatia. He's not good enough to be a referee in
such a important game," Kovac said to Croatian Television after the match.

During the match Kovac had a poker face. He held it until 70th minute when
Nishimura pointed to penalty spot after Dejan Lovren challenged Fred in
Croatia's penalty box.

"If that was a penalty than we don't have to play football anymore. This is
not basketball. This was a robbery," the Croatian coach said.

Croatian players and other experts shared his opinion.

"We should be talking about great game, two great teams fighting and instead
we have to talk about the referee. It's a shame that one person can destroy
everything that we worked for. I think we deserved more Nike
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 ," Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic

For all Croatians this was the greatest match in the young country's history.
For Brazilians this was just the first of the seven steps on the way to the
sixth World Cup trophy. In the 11th minute it was Croatians who were in seventh
haven when

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