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massive success it loved http://www.cheapmlbwhitesoxjerseys.com/Welington-Castillo/ ,
IWC was bought to the Rauschenbach family in 1880. Since then, IWC entered into
the Rauschenbach Period and its ownership was changed from American to Swiss.
Throughout this period, 4 generations with the Rauschenbach family dominated IWC
with completely distinctive names.

First Owner from

The primary proprietor in the Rauschenbach household was
Johann Rauschenbach-Vogel, who was a neighborhood machine producer at
Schaffhausen. He bought the corporate in 1880. IWC was known as Internationale
Uhrenfabrik by then. Still just one particular yr later http://www.cheapmlbwhitesoxjerseys.com/Carlos-Rodon/ ,
Johann Rauschenbach-Vogel died and IWC was taken over by his son, Johannes
Rauschenbach-Schenk, the second owner from Rauschenbach family.

Proprietor from Rauschenbach

Johannes Rauschenbach-Schenk was only 25
years old when he took over IWC. IWC was named Uhrenfabrik Von J. Rauschenbach
by then. With the aid from the experienced and constant IWC staff called Urs
Haenggi, Johannes Rauschenbach-Schenk ran the corporate efficiently for
twenty-four years until his loss of existence in 1905. Throughout this
period http://www.cheapmlbwhitesoxjerseys.com/James-Shields/ ,
gross sales grew significantly in the European marketplace. IWC' motto, Probus
Scafusia, meaning very good stable craftsmanship from Schaffhausen, was also
superior at this time.

Third Proprietor from Rauschenbach

the death of J. Rauschenbach-Schenk in 1905 http://www.cheapmlbwhitesoxjerseys.com/Avisail-Garcia/ ,
his wife, two daughters and their husbands, Ernst Jakob Homberger (director of
G. Fischer AG in Schaffhausen) and Dr. Carl Jung, turned the brand new owners of
IWC. They ran IWC as an open buying and selling company by the determine of the
Uhrenfabrik Von J. Rauschenbach's Erben.

Later http://www.cheapmlbwhitesoxjerseys.com/Yoan-Moncada/ ,
E.J. Homberger took over the company as sole proprietor. He led the corporate
through one of the most difficult instances in the event the 2 world struggle
and the world economic disaster broke out. His really good contribution was
honored in 1952
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