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At its height, gold farms in China comprised a nearly $1 billion cottage runescape gold
industry. As many as 100,000 workers were employed full time in these
virtual mines, and many of them pulled 12 hour shifts (as does Jeremy,
by the way). Many employees are earning only about 10 cents on the
dollar for gold gained.

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Understanding and Manipulating Financial SystemsAny fancy business
class in school will be able to teach you about the wondrous world of
economics, but business classes only teach theory. In order to fully
understand how the world economy works, you need to experience it. There
is no more of a risk free way to do that than with MMOs.

2.0 2.1 2.2 Marc Saltzman. On 2010 03 02. Nintendo Wii owners can
test their skills as a young ninja with Naruto: Clash of Ninja
Revolution, a fun and fast paced video game that, while not doing much
to push the fighting genre forward, delivers a frenetic brawler for you
and up to three friends.".

Simply running a copied version of another RuneScape private server
will not gain you many players. Players like to play on unique servers,
so if they come across a copied or "leeched" server, they will most
likely skip it and not play. To make your server stand out, you will
need to make a lot of changes to the base game..

The Runescape economy features a vast gulf between the "haves" and
"have nots". Wealthier players can afford "rares", items that are, for
one reason or another, no longer obtainable in game. Most of the rares
are holiday drops, items that appeared at random times on certain
holidays years ago.

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