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 , July 24
(Xinhua) -- New research by Britain's Meteorological Office found Monday there
is a one in three chance of a new monthly rainfall record in at least one region
of England and Wales each winter.

Prof. Adam Scaife, who is leading the research at the Met Office, said the
supercomputer was used to simulate thousands of possible winters.

Scaife said analyzing simulated events showed there is a 7 percent risk of
record monthly rainfall in south east England in any given winter. When other
regions of England and Wales are also considered Comprar
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 , this increases to a
34 percent chance.

Dr. Vikki Thompson, lead author of the report, said: "Our analysis showed
that these events could happen at any time and it's likely we will see record
monthly rainfall in one of our UK regions in the next few years."

"This new use for Met Office computer simulations could also be applied to
assess other risks such as heat waves Comprar
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 , droughts, and
cold spells and could help policy makers, contingency planners and insurers plan
for future events Comprar
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 ," said a
spokesman at the Met Office.

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