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Charges for Cocaine possession may damage your good reputation. Don’t take
chances. A Cocaine arrest won’t simply go away. It is very important to have a
highly skilled criminal defense attorney who has an in-depth understanding of
the law Facundo
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 , dedication to you, and an
understanding of the county prosecutor’s policies. Should you have been arrested
for a drug related criminal offense, contact The Top Houston Attorney asap for
aggressive, skilled assistance.

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the coca bush. Cocaine and Crack
Cocaine are powerful and incredibly addictive illegal drugs. Cocaine is
primarily grown in Columbia, Peru and Bolivia South America and is classified as
a Schedule II drug, which means it has an exceedingly high potential for misuse
and addiction. There are two primary varieties of Cocaine. The first is a
powdery type. It is used for snorting up the nose. The second is freebase,
better known as Crack Cocaine Ezequiel
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 , utilized for smoking. A smaller
percentage of Cocaine addiction is done intravenously. When Cocaine is snorted,
the Cocaine powder is inhaled into the nose where it is immediately absorbed
into the bloodstream. As soon as Cocaine reaches the brain, dopamine is
released, stirring pleasurable feelings. Due to the fact that it is known as a
stimulant, Cocaine has always been a major party drug. Cocaine is easily dealt
on the streets because it is sold in compact packets.

What’s Crack Cocaine?

Crack Cocaine, known as Crack, is a term for the smokable type of Cocaine.
Crack is the slang name given to the type of Cocaine that has been processed
into a smokable substance. Smoking Crack Cocaine delivers large quantities of
the substance to the lungs Ever
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 , producing an instant and intense euphoric
feeling. The rush, or high, is often quite intense, yet doesn’t necessarily last
very long. The rocks of Crack Cocaine are ignited in a certain type of pipe and
the ensuing vapors are then deeply inhaled. Crack Cocaine has emerged as a
leading drug of misuse in the last twenty to twenty-five years. The term Crack
refers to the popping sound heard when it is heated.

Hire The Leading Houston Criminal Attorney What are the Effects of Cocaine

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