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ROME mens jordan 6
retro unc
 , Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- Rising Chinese tourism to Italy and
Europe is the subject of the 160th issue of Mondo Cinese (Chinese World)
journal, the Italy-China Foundation has said.

Founded in 1973, Mondo Cinese is Italy's only scientific journal dedicated to
studying contemporary China.

Titled "Italian Holidays", the issue presented Monday in Milan is entirely
dedicated to Chinese tourism -- a choice that is borne out by the numbers,
according to the Italy-China Foundation, which publishes Mondo Cinese.

Last year womens jordan 6
unc 2017
 , 3.79 million Chinese tourists visited Italy, making the
Mediterranean country the fourth destination of choice after Germany, the U.S.,
and France, according to data from Confturismo trade association and ISTAT
official statistics agency.

According to Italian national tourism agency ENIT, 3.38 million Chinese
tourists traveled to Italy in 2015 mens jordan 6
unc 2017
 , up a whopping 45 percent over 2014.

By 2020, China will likely be the country in the world with the most tourists
traveling abroad, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization

These and other data are analyzed in the "Italian Holidays" issue, which
includes contributions from Italian professors, journalists, businesspeople and
other China experts womens jordan 6
 , as well as Italian Ambassador to Beijing Ettore Francesco
Sequi and Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways Italy Country Manager Erika

The publication comes ahead of the Europe-China Tourism Year in 2018, which
will officially kick off on January 19 in Venice -- "a key junction in the new
Silk Road and a city that Chinese travelers particularly love", the Italy China
Foundation said in a statement.

ISLAMABAD, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan on Monday confirmed the death of two
Chinese nationals who were killed in southwestern Balochistan province days
after they were kidnapped from Quetta, the provincial capital in May this year.

  Two Chinese nationals were killed in southwestern Balochistan province days
after they were kidnapped from Quetta

"The DNA reports have confirmed that the two persons killed in Balochistan in

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