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CHENGDU Cheap Lias
Andersson Jersey
 , Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- A 27-8 second quarter helped
Team Red of Chinese men's basketball national team win over Lithuania at 70-53
here on Friday at the Chengdu Basketball Championship.

Both teams tied 15-15 after the first quarter. The host took a 15-0 run in
the first five minutes of the second quarter to build a 15-point lead while the
Lithuania team failed to score until Donatas Tarolis made in their first field
goal with four minutes and 23 seconds to the halftime. China outscored Lithuania
27-8 in that quarter.

The visiting team had a 7-0 run in the beginning of the second half, which
forced the Chinese team coach to call a timeout. The Lithuania team beat China
22-14 in the third quarter and headed in to the final period trailing by 11.

Thomas Dimsa's three-pointer cut China's lead to only eight but then the host
answered with a 13-0 run to secure the victory and finished the championship
with a record of 2-1.

Zhao Rui led China with a team-high 20 while Abdusalam added nine points and
10 rebounds.

2017 China Xi'an Int'l Tourism Expo held

NE China's Dalian issues red alert for flood

In pics: lotus flowers amid morning mist in E China

Farmers busy with picking Sichuan peppers as harvest season begins

Military parade held to mark PLA 90th birthday (Part I)

SWAT team members take part in drill

Acrobatic show staged in China's Xinjiang

Martial arts competition held in China's Henan

BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
will never be a rival to other multilateral development banks (MDBs), according
to AIIB President Jin Liqun, adding that the doors are always open to, among
others Cheap Steven
Kampfer Jersey
 , the United States and Japan.


Tuesday marks the second anniversary of the AIIB. Two years on, the
organization has impressed the world with a long list of achievements, as its
members increased from 57 to 84, and its projects scattered in 12 countries,
involving over 20 billion U.S. dollars from both the public and private sector.

Moreover, the AIIB has received top credit ratings from three major
international rating agencies Cheap Brendan
Smith Jersey
 , Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and Fitch, in what
analysts have called a "miracle."

"I told my colleagues that the AAA credit ratings are not like a doctorate
degree that is permanent. If we don't do our job well, the AAAs could be taken
away anytime," Jin told Xinhua in a recent exclusive interview

The 68-year-old man said the AIIB had realized some goals previously set and
made some unexpected progress.

"The international community is increasingly confident in the AIIB Cheap Ondrej
Pavelec Jersey
 ," he said. "China, as the initiator of the
organization, kept its promises that the AIIB will abide firmly by international
rules, and will not be subject to any political interference."

Jin thanked other MDBs such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank
(ADB) for their support before and after the AIIB was founded.

Fourteen projects out of AIIB's total 24 projects were co-financed with the
World Bank and the ADB.

"The AIIB is a great partner to work with, and is an important contributor to
ending extreme poverty and supporting sustainable development by means of its
mandate to finance sustainable infrastructure." Bert Hofman, World Bank director
for China Cheap Paul Carey
 , Korea and Mongolia, told Xinhua.

Ben Bingham, country director of ADB PRC resident mission, said, "We look
forward to strengthening our cooperation even further for the benefit of the
Asia Pacific region."

"AIIB has never been, and will not be Cheap Jimmy Vesey
 , a rival to other MDBs, rather, we would like to further
cooperate with them." Jin said.


Calling the AIIB a "start-up," Jin said that "to work out a series of
mechanisms that really works is one of the priorities."

He said the bank had learned a lot from other MDBs. "But we are not going to
clone the World Bank or replicate the ADB, which were founded decades ago." he
said, adding that the AIIB had worked out a mechanism with its own

The AIIB slogan Cheap Adam
Cracknell Jersey
 , "Lean, Clean, Green" is the foundation of its

"No tolerance will be shown on corruption," Jin said, noting that the AIIB
had very strict anti-corruption rules in terms of recruitment and promotion.

"The reason that we established such a strict anti-corruption mechanism is to
let every employee work whole-heartedly to serve our member countries without
doing anything to harm the reputation of AIIB," Jin said.

U.S. Cheap Jesper Fast

When talking about if the United States and Japan would join the AIIB, Jin
said that the doors were always open no matter if they joined or not.

"We have sent out invitation with sincerity, but it ultimately depends on
themselves to consider their entries, and we will not intervene," Jin said.

Jin said that even if the two countries currently did not join the AIIB,
their enterprises were welcome to invest in AIIB projects.

The AIIB has already conducted cooperation with the United States and
Japan Cheap Kevin Klein
 , including hiring U.S. rating agencies and U.S. and
Japanese employees.

"We are confident of tackling any challenges, and I believe the AIIB will
make greater achievements," Jin said.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a joint press conference with
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (not seen) at the White House in
Washington D.C., the United States, on Jan. 10, 2018. U.S. President Donald
Trump said Wednesday that Washington could "conceivably" re-enter into the
global Paris climate agreement Cheap Wayne
Gretzky Jersey
 , from which he announced the withdrawal last year.
(XinhuaTing Shen)

By Bruce Westbrook

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