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Promotional material for Captain America: Civil War Photo: IC

The global box office for films took in a record $38.6 billion last
year Wholesale
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 , industry figures showed Wednesday,
although receipts outside North America declined for the first time in 12 years
as the Chinese market slowed.

The worldwide figure, bolstered by globe-striding behemoths like Captain
America: Civil War and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, marked a 1 percent rise on
2015, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

"The continued strength of the box office demonstrates that cinema remains
the premier way to experience great storytelling for audiences around the
world," said Chris Dodd Wholesale
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 , head of the MPAA, a lobby group
representing the six biggest studios.

"In the United States and Canada, there are key indicators that suggest the
future may be even brighter, with increases in attendance among younger
demographics and diverse communities, in particular," Dodd explained.

The MPAA's annual Theatrical Market Statistics Report put the North American
box office at $11.4 billion Wholesale
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 , a 2 percent improvement over 2015, with
246 million people seeing at least one movie in theaters.

But foreign box offices totaled $27.2 billion, down slightly from $27.3
billion the prior year, thanks to a dramatic halt in box-office growth in China,
the association said in the report.

Ticket sales in the world's No.2 economy, which have been soaring for years -
49 percent in 2015 Wholesale
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 , for example - dropped 1 percent to $6.6
billion in 2016.

Although the foreign decline appears small, it is the first since 2005 and

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