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We've all know people whose brains don't seem to click on until noon, the "not a
morning person" types. Try to trade during the time of day when you know you're
at your best. You can help yourself by trading in a bright, well-lit area with,
preferably http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/jon-casey/ ,
a fair amount of natural light. Light, particularly sunlight, makes us more


Trading is a sedentary occupation.
Bodies at rest are easily fatigued. Jump-start your metabolism with an
energizing walk or run early in the morning. During the day, relieve fatigue and
stimulate your muscles with stretching or isometric exercises. Squeezing a small
rubber ball helps some traders stay alert and focused.


Don't start your day with sugary foods. At first your blood sugar
will spike and you'll feel alert. But as your blood sugar drops during the day,
you'll feel increasingly fatigued and your performance will suffer. Some traders
snack on energy bars mid-morning and afternoon to keep their bodies fueled. Make
sure you check ingredients and avoid bars with high sugar contents. Sugary
snacks will send you quickly careening from high alertness to dragging fatigue.

Protein and complex carbohydrates will help you achieve and maintain
alertness and concentration. However, beware of naturally sleep-inducing foods
such as turkey http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/brian-bellows/ ,
milk, bananas, fish and egg whites. Foods that can perk you up include coffee,
tea, chocolate, soft drinks http://www.cheapstarshockeyjerseys.com/dino-ciccarelli/ ,
and herbal teas. Be cautious about using caffeine to maintain alertness. It can
send you on the same peak and valley ride as sugar, with increased amounts of
caffeine needed to achieve the same level of alertness each time the previous
dose wears off.

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