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By Grandesso Federico

BRUSSELS, March 22 (Xinhua) -- "If there is a positive evolution in Belgium,
it is that we have now far more than before a security culture," a senior
Belgian official told Xinhua on Wednesday.

On March 22 of 2016, two separate terror attacks hit Brussels airport and the
city's Metro system, which left 32 dead (excluding three terrorists) and 320
others wounded.

On Wednesday, Brussels hosted several commemoration ceremonies on Wednesday,
for the first anniversary of the terror attacks. The bombings had tremendously
impacted Belgium's political and social agenda, placing security as the top

"People are aware that security and investment in security is worthwhile,"
Jan Jambon, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Security and Home
Affairs told Xinhua.

"This is really a turnaround for Belgium. We decided a package of 30 measures
and the government allocated a budget like never before, (at) more than 1
billion Euros until now," Jambon said.

"Now we are working to combine human forces and technology implementing in
our airports. For example, in Zaventem (airport) we have a network of
intelligent and PR cameras", the Minister said.

"What we learned from Tel Aviv Airport (is to) train police officers in
behavior detection so they look at people behavior and if they see something
suspicious, they put people aside and do an investigation," he explained.

"We are now putting in place face recognition cameras so the technology is
going together with human power. Once implemented it in the airports, we will
also extend it in the big international railway stations," he said.

On railway security, Jambon clarified that after the EU directive the
authorities is now implementing the Passenger Name Record system (PNR).

Belgium has an agreement with the countries where it has an international
train connection -- Britain, France, the Netherlands -- to implement the PNR
system on railways Thalys and Eurostar, he said.

Asked on how to eradicate extremism, Jambon said, "We have to sell our own
values; we let the door open to ISIS with their proposals. We have to be more
convinced in presenting our own values and chances to youngsters who are maybe
open for ISIS ideology.

"In the past, we didn't do enough efforts on this. Now there is a complete
change, because we are aware of our own values and our system," the minister

On cross-border cooperation against terrorism, Jambon said that there has
been much progress on collaboration at EU level, on such things as exchanging
data and border control.

Belgium also cooperated with big internet companies like Facebook to have
hate preaching sites out from internet. "There is a good collaboration now
finally with these companies," Jambon said.

He also expressed worries over how to deal with the 3,000 to 5,000 European
ISIS militants still fighting in the Middle East once the ISIS was defeated.

"We, together with all EU intelligence services, are monitoring the
situation," Jambon said.

"We know who is in Syria... I'm confident that when they will move again, we
can catch them," the Minister added.

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 , Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Myanmar government
has responded to the recommendations of a final report of its own appointed
Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, saying that it would set out a full
roadmap soon for implementing the recommendations.

The statement of the Office of the State Counselor came shortly after the
commission, chaired by former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi
Annan Cheap Bobby
Baun Jersey
 , submitted its final report to President U Htin Kyaw
and State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi over the last two days.

As an immediate step, the government said it will establish a new
ministerial-led committee, supported by a new advisory board on Rakhine state
involving international experts and local nationals Cheap
Borje Salming Jersey
 , for overseeing delivery and reporting
regularly on its progress.

The statement recounted that a number of recommendations with regard to
healthcare access, creation of job opportunities and infrastructural
construction has been implemented in accordance with the commission's August
interim report, while working to promote religious harmony and communal

The statement also said the government is developing a strategy and timeline
to move forward the national verification process and close internally displaced
camps in the state Cheap
Bruce Boudreau Jersey
 , of which three camps have been closed.

In cooperation with the European Union and the United Nations, the government
is working for capacity building for police and security forces in the areas of
human rights, child protection and gender-based violence.

However Cheap
Wendell Clark Jersey
 , the statement pointed out that a resurgence
of violence in recent weeks was seen with troubling signs of external
interference aimed at aggravating an already difficult situation.

Welcoming the recommendations for meaningful and long-term solution, the
statement pledged to give the report full consideration with a view to carrying
out the recommendations to the fullest extent and within the shortest timeframe
possible in line with the situation on the ground.

Annan arrived in Nay Pyi Taw on Tuesday to present the final report to the
government, titled "Towards a Peaceful Cheap Darcy
Tucker Jersey
 , Fair and Prosperous Future for the People of
Rakhine," after visiting Rakhine state late last year as his latest trip.

The report recommends urgent and sustained action on a number of fronts to
prevent violence, maintain peace Cheap Dave
Keon Jersey
 , foster reconciliation and offer a sense of hope to
the state's hard-pressed population.

The report puts forward recommendations to surmount the political,
socio-economic and humanitarian challenges that currently face Rakhine state.

The recommendations called for concerted action to prevent further deepening
of the chronic poverty that affl.

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