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SAPPORO, Japan, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- China's figure skater Jin Boyang led the
men's short program at the Sapporo Asian Winter Games here on Friday.

Jin, danced to "Spiderman", produced 92.86 points to stand atop despite minor
errors in his opening quadruple jump.

Japan's Shoma Uno, third at the Four Continents Championships last week,
trailed with only 0.43 points shy. China's Yan Han placed third in 91.56.

"Basically I am satisfied," said Jin. "I failed to stand stably in my first
quadruple jump, but I did well in the spins, sequences and other jumps."

Jin, fifth at the Four Continents Championships, expects a better performance
in free skate.

"I hope I can dance a perfect free skate on Sunday," he said.

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