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Receivers . I taking, DaVaris and Kamar, said Stamps head coach Dave
Dickenson when asked Wednesday. It a nice day, I think (Daniels) has got
a better chance to play. Is a hard worker who has been an important
special teams contributor for us, Stamps GM/head coach John Hufnagel

The loss of Eric Fraser in the expansion draft, Jeff is one of the
players who has an opportunity to play a more significant role on
defence and I look forward to seeing him respond to that challenge.
Course, there's also a chance Hufnagel will look outside the
organization for secondary help when free agency opens Feb.

Night we were watching TV, he recalled. Don hear nothing when the
race is on, but they doing the replay and here he says, comes the King
and all the King Men. Actually put that moniker on me and then people
just started to pick it up. Of those young fellows we lost were 18, 19,
20, said Sturdy.

The 24 year old medical student made it home to Windsor but estimates
100 Canadians remain on the island, including two fellow students from
Windsor holed up at the AUC campus. They have no power or running water
and face dwindling supplies in 40C heat since Irma walloped St. Martin
Tuesday night.

"A lot of Ego pulls from early influences, pairing indie rock
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dates back to 2013, this is a big change as we were originally playing
the remixes of other people's songs live with a vocal track. That
instrumental format moved into playing more of the original material
with a full band with full live vocals playing a full set.".

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