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CANBERRA puma creepers australia ,
Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- Big Bash League (BBL) organizers are contemplating an
Australian-first Christmas Day cricket match, in an effort to capture a
lucrative, U.S-like audience vans
classic slip on australia
 , local media reported on Tuesday.

The idea, which is in the early stages of planning, would result in a
standalone feature match to be played on Christmas Day vans slip on
 , similar to how the NBA and NFL in the United States
schedule feature matches for the holiday.

Head of the BBL in Australia, Anthony Everard, told the Australian Associated
Press that the Twenty20 match could capture a huge television audience as
Christmas Day celebrations wind down in the late afternoon.

He said Twenty20 was the perfect platform to trial a Christmas Day match in
Australia - something that has never been done before.

"There's certainly a precedent over in the U.S. - they're very popular
events vans sk8 mid
 ," Everard said on Tuesday.

"There's no question there would be strong demand on television for a game on
Christmas Day but that's not reason enough on its own for us to contemplate it -
it needs to fit into the bigger picture."

Everard said any potential match would not just be a "novelty," with his team
reportedly pursuing ways to factor in a Christmas charity drive to give greater
meaning to the game.

"I think what the BBL does is give you an opportunity to innovate... I think
it's a case of 'never say never'," Everard said.

"If we were to contemplate it I think we'd want to be pretty clear on what
the objective was and that's not

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