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BEIJING Air Max 90 Sale , Feb.
11 (Xinhua) -- The government plans to channel 360 million yuan (about 57.6
million U.S. dollars) to its overseas cultural centers in 2015, an increase of
181 percent from 2014, the Ministry of Culture said on Wednesday.

There were 20 China culture centers in operation by the end of 2014. The
first two were set up in Mauritius and Benin in 1988.

"By the end of 2014, about 1.34 billion yuan had been invested in overseas
cultural centers Air Max Sale ," Yan
Dongsheng, a deputy director of the ministry's finance department, said in a
press briefing.

Centers in Brussels and Singapore are slated for opening later this year,
said Yan.

The government plans to have 50 centers across the globe by 2020.

While the centers are mainly financed by the central government Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes
 , the ministry is also encouraging investment from social
organizations and China-funded institutions.

The cultural centers host exhibitions; provide Chinese historical and social
development information; and host courses in Chinese martial arts, music,
language and cuisine.

URUMQI, July 16 (Xinhua) -- Yang Jie Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes
 , 48-year-old imam

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