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THREE bicycles worth an estimated 27 vans sk8 hi
 ,000 euros (US$30,000) belonging to the Chinese world
track cycling team have been stolen from a hotel car park near Paris, according
to French police.

The theft took place overnight Sunday from the van where the bikes, which
were still boxed up vans
old skool pink australia
 , were being stored in preparation for the
flight home.

The back door of the van had been forced.

"We will have to see if the CCYV camera images are clear enough," a police
source said.

The theft came just hours after the climax to the world championships in
which the Chinese won a gold and bronze medal.

SHIJIAZHUANG, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- A man from north China's Hebei Province told
Xinhua on Monday that he plans to apply for a place in the Guinness Book of
World Record for his ability to walk in heavy iron shoes.

Zhang Fuxing, 51 vans
old skool pro australia
 , a resident of Fengnan District in
Tangshan City practices daily exercises in a pair of iron shoes which weigh 405
kg, about seven times his own weight.

The shoes are 30 cm long with a width of 20 cm each, but the sole is made of
welded iron chunks to a height of 40 cm.

Zhang spends 20 minutes walking in the shoes every morning, usually only
about a dozen meters. He keeps his iron

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