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Chinese education authorities announced that they encourage and support
eligible universities' recruitment of students with soccer skills to form
high-level soccer teams.

This appears to be the first time that the ministry has highlighted soccer in
its circular on recruiting students with special talent in art and
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China West City Daily reported on Tuesday.

The statement, published on the official website of China's Ministry of
Education (MOE) on December 22, said that the MOE encourages eligible
universities to form high-level soccer teams through an existing separate track
allowing students recruited for nonacademic talents to enroll with lower
academic scores.

The statement also specified the maximum number of recruits and defined basic
academic standards for them.

"Previously, it was hard for teachers in primary or secondary schools to
encourage students to play soccer Nike Air Max 2018 Mens Sale ,
as many universities had stopped recruiting students for their soccer skills.
This statement paves the way for students to gain admission to their ideal
universities through their talent in soccer," Ma Dexing, deputy editor of
Changsha-based Titan Sports, told the Global Times.

Tsinghua University Nike Air Max 90 Mens Sale ,
one of the top universities in China, began to recruit soccer players in March
and was estimated to have admitted up to 12 of the 100 candidates it considered,
following a 5-year suspension of recruitment, news site cnr reported in March.

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