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 , May 21 (Xinhua) -- Scottish Energy Minister Fergus
Ewing announced on Wednesday new investment of 3.5 million pounds (about 5.88
million U.S. dollars) in Scotland's growing renewable energy sector.

"We have tremendous green energy potential and vast natural resources, about
a quarter of Europe's wind and tidal energy and 10 percent of its wave power,"
said Ewing at the All-Energy Conference in Aberdeen in northeastern Scotland.

"Clean, green energy is creating opportunities for communities across
Scotland and delivering jobs and investment," he said.

Supported by the Scottish Enterprise's Renewable Energy Investment Fund, a
community-owned tidal power turbine in Scotland has started exporting
electricity to the local grid to power up to 30 homes nike air
max thea ireland
 , a locally owned ice plant and a harbor
industrial estate, according to Ewing.

A total of four projects are being supported by the Fund, Ewing said.

Renewable electricity delivered a record 46 percent of Scotland's gross
electricity consumption in 2013, showed figures released by the British
Department of Energy and Climate Change in late March.

With 13.1 billion pounds of announced industry investment and over 9,000
associated jobs between January 2010 and April 2013, Scotland is on track to
meet its interim target of 50 percent by 2015 and making an important progress
towards the 2020 target of the equivalent of 100 percent of Scotland's
electricity needs met from renewable electricity cheap nike
air max thea
 , said the Scottish government.

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