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Create Unlimited FIFA Coins & Supply Unlimited FIFA Points

This is much better than blindly buying players without knowing its market
price. After knowing the lowest price you could BIN for, or the price you should
be able to win auctions at, you'll end up paying a lot less for your players.
After you know the price you're willing to pay, stick with it, and don't let
yourself get into bidding wars.

Winning Auctions:

There are two common bidding techniques I use to win auctions. One is snipe
bidding, and the other is mass bidding.

Snipe bidding: Waiting just before the auction ends, trying to win the
auction with one last second bid. Should you bid below 15 (may be 25 this year?)
seconds, the timer will reset back up to that many seconds. I'd always wait and
bid when the timer hits 16 seconds. This simply limits the time people have to
bid up the price of the auction you want to win.

Mass bidding: Involves bidding on many auctions of one player or card, hoping
to win at least one of them. Works well for those who have a lot of cheap fifa 18
available. First, find the market price of that card, and
decide a price you'd be willing to pay for that card, usually a little lower
than the market price. Then, bid on as many auctions ending soon as you can at
that price. You will get outbid on most of these auctions; do not bid of them
again. You should end up winning at least one of these eventually. Should you
win more than one, you should be able to sell any extras for a small profit, for
those who did buy for under its average selling price.

More Buying Tips:

Look for auctions with a good starting price, with no bids. For example, if
there is a player with an average selling price of around 19-20k, I'll get
really excited if I see an auction starting at around 18k. More often than not I
can bid his starting price, and I won't have anyone competing with me for the

Always narrow your search results as much as you can. Make use of minimum and
maximum price values too. Doing this is actually easier on the console since you
can type in the name of the player. https://www.goldofu.com

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