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My prized woolen boots were bought in a moment of rashness
just hours before I returned to China from a recent holiday to New
It's my entire sister's fault. Visiting Kiwi-land a few months ago
she whisked me into this trendy shop under orders curry 2 shoes
 , she said, to buy a pair of Ugg boots for her daughter
Natasha in London.
Uggs are wool-lined, sheepskin boots and have been iconic
footwear for a century. Even in the depths of winter, the lands Down Under are
rarely cold but Uggs are practical accessories, worn by sheep farmers with
access to the "raw materials" and airmen exposed to the cold at high
Beijing at Christmas sounded akin to the Antarctic, so although
real Uggs were beyond my budget, I settled for a similar, cheaper pair. The
first hint of impending doom came with a shopping trip to Sanlitun. I spotted a
pair of Uggs walking by, which belonged to a heavy-framed Asian man and seemed
utterly incongruous. They almost went "baa baa" at me.
The consensus on
Internet blogs under armour curry
1 mvp
 , amid plenty of politically correct postings, was that no
female would rejoice if her husbandboyfriend bought one. That's it, I vowed.
These boots are going nowhere unless Beijing gets really cold!
Just as I was
prepared to lock the cupboard and throw away the key, things took a turn for the
better. I told my sister of my purchase and my misgivings. This is an exact
quote from her reply:
"I've just spoken to Natasha and she says don't worry,
all the blokes wear them over here. The only thing is, they're all flashy, young
Jewish boys at uni." We're a Jewish family, by the way, so please save your
e-mails. I feel entitled to use the quote without causing offense.
My China
Daily colleagues were useless for my confidence when I first tried them out.
Editor-at-large Ravi S. Narasimhan passed me in the corridor under
armour curry 1 low
 , glanced down, burst out laughing and carried
on without breaking stride or uttering a word.
Then, I spotted another pair
of Uggs walking past me, this time belonging to reporter Liu Wei. "Actually
they're not real Uggs," she confessed. "They're imitation Uggs but they're good
imitations. I would never buy a pair of bad imitations." Turns out even the fake
market has its own hierarchy. They looked splendid, which did nothing for their
apparent value as a unisex item.
Fellow Aussie Patrick Whiteley was no help
either. "Wear them," he said. "They're really trendy here in Beijing." "Yeah but
how many men do you know wearing them?" I asked sheepishly. "Um, none," he
My brittle ego was finally boosted by Wikipedia under armour fat
tire mens
 , which for the purposes of this article is the font of
all knowledge. "Ugg boots have again grown in popularity," it declared, "with
the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio being spotted in them." Well if they're good
enough for a Hollywood heartthrob, that's good enough for me.
They'll be
coming out of the cupboard again very soon. But, only if Beijing gets really

Exploring new destinations on a budget Published: 17.07.2010 | Author: Larry
Austin | Category: Travel & Leisure

Exploring exciting new destinations have become quiet a trend these days and
such trips are no longer limited to the wealthy. With the help of the internet
anyone can achieve that dream vacation 鈥?and on a very simple budget.

With the proper research and the right contacts you will realize that
traveling is actually within your budget. It鈥檚 just a matter of prioritizing,
dividing and conquering.

The best way to get about planning your holiday is by identifying the
destinations you prefer to travel to and the attractions which interest you the
most. When you have a clear idea of the regions you wish to explore you can pick
the best times of the year to visit these places. And if your priorities are
exploring the local attractions or shopping then look for a cheaper hotel in the
outskirts of the main town. You can also try the local Bed and Breakfast places
and Motels as they are the cheapest options any destination can offer.

Plan ahead and divide your holiday time so that you get to do all you planned
to do. This way you are assured of the holiday worth spending on. Do your
research on the internet and look out for travel package deals and lodging deals
which might suit your travel plans.

Be ready to book online. Most online hotel reservation systems offer great
bargains. Even hotels offering online reservation display special rates for
particular days of the year for those who wish to book online. And if you are
the adventurous sort, most types of accommodation are on half-rate during the
off season 鈥?the best times to explore the new destination, if the weather

If you plan to explore several destinations try a helpful travel agent for
cheap package tours. Sometimes even the guided tours have their benefits. But if
you prefer to make your own plans, try rail tours or bus tours that would take
you around the destinations you wish to explore.

Take your time to compare the rates of similar hotels. Online lodging option
provider roomsnet offer easy comparison of hotel room rates. You can also
compare the facilities and amenities each hotel offers and the different
attractions each hotel provides easy access to.

Be prepared. Before you set out make sure you discuss your travel plans with
other travelers. You might get hints on modes of transportations under
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 , places to eat, what not do, and where to
stay. First hand information can be very valuable in saving time and money.

At roomsnet, travelers are offered the best rates from over 52,000 hotels
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