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Flotation Equipment principle is driven by the motor

Flotation Machine
refers to the completion of the flotation process machinery and
equipment. In the flotation machine, after adding the pharmaceutical
treatment of the pulp, aerated by stirring, so that some of the mineral
particles selectively fixed on the bubble above; floating to the surface
of the slurry was scraped to form a foam product, the rest remain in
the pulp In order to achieve the purpose of separation of minerals.
Flotation machine structure in many forms, the most commonly used is a
mechanical agitation flotation machine.

Flotation Equipment principle is driven by the motor with a belt drive
impeller rotation, resulting in the formation of negative pressure
centrifugal, on the one hand inhalation of sufficient air and pulp
mixing, on the one hand mixing slurry and drug mixing, while the
thinning of the foam, the mineral bonding foam Above, float to the
mineral surface and then form a mineralized foam. Adjust the ram height
to control the fluid level so that the useful foam is scraped off by the

After the slime and the medicament are fully mixed, they are fed into
the bottom of the first chamber of the flotation machine. After the
impeller rotates, a negative pressure is formed in the wheel cavity so
that the pulp under the tank and the pulp in the tank respectively enter
from the lower suction mouth and the upper suction mouth of the
impeller The mixing zone also allows air to enter the mixing zone along
the gas guide sleeve where the slurry, air and medicament mix. Under the
centrifugal force of the impeller, the mixed pulp enters into the
mineralized zone, the air forms bubbles and is crushed, fully contacts
with the coal particles to form mineralized bubbles, uniformly
distributed in the tank body under the action of the stator and the
turbulence plate Section, and move up into the separation zone, the
enrichment of the formation of foam layer, the bubble squeeze out the
body to form a clean coal foam.

Flotation machine is mainly used for sorting of non-ferrous metals
such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, can also be used for roughing
and selection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Mechanical agitation
flotation machine Pulping aeration and agitation by the impeller and the
composition of the mechanical mixing device to complete, are external
air flotation machine, these are flotation machine. It is an essential
equipment for a beneficiation production line.

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