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Agitator machine is determined by a number of parameters

Agitator Machine
, is a construction machinery, the main is used for mixing cement,
sand, all kinds of dry mortar and other building materials. This is a
shaft with vanes rotating in a cylinder or bowl that mixes and agitates a
variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a suitable consistency
machine. Blender is divided into a wide range of species, a mandatory
mixer, one-shaft mixer, twin-shaft mixer and so on.

Agitator machine is determined by a number of parameters, it is
impossible to describe a single mixer with any single parameter. In a
stirred tank, the only way to get the micelles to collide with each
other is to provide sufficient shear rate. From the stirring mechanism,
it is precisely because of the difference of fluid velocity that the
fluid layers are mixed with each other. Therefore, the stirring process
always involves the fluid shear rate. It must be pointed out that the
size of the fluid in the entire mixing tank shear rate is not the same
point. A study of the shear rate distribution shows that there are at
least four shear rate values in a stirred tank.

Divided by the way of mixing self-stirring, forced mixing two.
Self-descending mixer is the mixture placed in a rotating drum, with the
drum rotation, the drum of the mixture to a certain degree of lifting
the mixture, and then free to fall down by their own weight. Repeat this
way until the mix well. This mixer generally mixes plastic and
semi-plastic concrete. Mandatory mixer is a stirring drum does not move,
but by the drum shaft rotating blades are forced to stir. This mixer
mixing quality, high production efficiency; but the power consumption,
and the blade wear fast. Generally suitable for mixing dry hard

Agitator machine should be set in a flat position, the front and rear
axles cushioned with square wood, so that the overhead tires, so as not
to move during the move. Blender should implement two leakage
protection, power before work, must be carefully examined by the empty
car test turn qualified, can be used. Test run should be tested drum
speed is appropriate, under normal circumstances, the empty car speed
slightly faster than after loading 2-3 turn, if the difference is more,
you should adjust the ratio of moving wheels and drive wheels.


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