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Sell off Runescape Mobile Gold On Goldofu

By introducing a new slayer boss out there at level 75, not only do we bring
a bit a lot more excitement to a Gargoyle task, but goldofu can provide our community
with all the sustainable, mid-level Slayer boss that you simply have requested
inside the previous.

The grotesque Guardians sculpted from Granite and mobilized with inscribed,
black tourmaline hearts, the Guardians atop Vigorra's Fortress were a testament
towards the talents of humankind.

An effigy of grace and rebirth, the Guardian of Dawn kept watch to the east.
A monument to service and fortitude, the Guardian of Dusk defended the west.

As the tower fell to ruin, rising decay engulfed the fortress's foundations,
eating its way up, by means of stone and timber until ultimately, it enveloped
and embittered the Guardians' black hearts.

Legends say these grotesque Guardians sit lifelessly, crumbling; disfigured
by this corrosion. Conversely, chronicles dating back to the Zamorakian
occupation in the tower describe thunderous footsteps trembling the roof on
stormy nights.

For hundreds of years, the truth has remained elusive until recently, when
speculation begun to arise about a lost entrance for the Slayer Tower's

Reaching the Roof when a player has been assigned a gargoyle slayer process,
a rare, brittle key will drop from gargoyles on death. Brittle keys can't be

A Brittle Important will permanently unlock the Slayer Tower roof when it is
actually utilized on the roof's door, positioned on the tower's 2nd floor.

As soon as unlocked, and only when on a Gargoyle assignment, you might be
able to face the Grotesque Guardians in location of standard gargoyles.

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