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Alongside skiwear ellesse were also heavily involved with tennis, with their logo formed around the

Alongside skiwear ellesse were also heavily involved with tennis, with their logo formed around the top half of a tennis ball. Combining Servadio’s other passion, the design also includes the [url=http://www.nazorgbijberoerte.nl/adidas-superstar-c-13/adidas-superstar-dames-c-13_15/]Adidas Superstar Dames[/url] tips of a pair of skis at either side. Over the following years ellesse took the tennis industry by storm, endorsing legends such as Chris Evert, Boris Becker and Anna Kournikova.With other sporting icons, including Formula 1 driver Alain Prost and boxer Muhammad Ali added onto their roster, ellesse suddenly started to pick up a rich following across a variety of sports. Since then and [url=http://www.nazorgbijberoerte.nl/nike-air-presto-c-96/nike-air-presto-dames-c-96_97/]Nike Air Presto Dames[/url] throughout the decades the brand has evolved, maturing and developing within both the tennis and the skiing industry as well as branching into other fields: football, running and racing being the most [url=http://www.asdthanit.it/Nike-Air-Max-Tavas-Donne-c-49.html]Nike Air Max Tavas Donne[/url] notable.Italian [url=http://www.willtaylars.co.uk/nike-air-max-90-c-9/nike-air-max-90-mens-c-9_47/]Nike Air Max 90 Mens[/url] styling has remained paramount throughout their history with the cut and shape of catwalk fashion evident in their sporting garments. This lead to collaborations and coverage from the top fashion publishers such as Vogue and Elle, [url=http://www.willtaylars.co.uk/nike-air-max-95-c-53/nike-air-max-95-womens-c-53_55/]Nike Air Max 95 Womens[/url] placing them amongst other well respected fashion brands.Fast forward to the present day, ellesse still have their passions and heritage at heart, continuing to build upon their legacy but staying true to its founding principles. Whether it’s being as ground-breaking as having their logo on the outside of a shirt (a move, which ellesse famously championed before any other competing brands) or producing [url=http://www.willtaylars.co.uk/nike-air-presto-c-68/nike-air-presto-womens-c-68_70/]Nike Air Presto Womens[/url] another clean and stylish fashion magazine photo-shoot, ellesse have adapted to fulfil our needs, whether they be on or off the court.Nike’s LunarGlide series has been an understated success story for over a half decade [url=http://www.nazorgbijberoerte.nl/nike-air-max-2017-c-53/nike-air-max-2017-dames-c-53_54/]Nike Air Max 2017 Dames[/url] now. Defined by a sequence of pragmatic, no-nonsense upper designs, the Glide’s all-round workhorse status has often seen it overshadowed by the brighter lights in the Nike running armada. That low profile looks set [url=http://www.asdthanit.it/Adidas-Superstar-Donne-Rosa-c-10.html]Adidas Superstar Donne Rosa[/url] to change with the arrival of the sixth iteration.
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