If you dont speak Russian: http://antiscam-group.ru/index.php?p=/discussion/34/if-you-dont-speak-russian
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If you dont speak Russian

Раздел: Forex Trend
1. Please go to that form: http://antiscam-group.ru/reg.php and register.
2. You must go to bank, and take payment statement, which shows that you transferred money to FT (it will need for the police).
3. You must take screenshot of FT website(My details page, View accounts, Make deposit, Make withdrawal) and recieve Statement an account opening(You must take that in My accounts->View accounts). 
4. Wait... Our team is preparing a statement for the police, most likely we'll give you the finished version of the statement, which will be revealed all the details and aspects of the crime. With that statement you will need to contact the police.
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