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ezTalks: Different Ways to Record Webinars on PC

Recording a webinar on PC for free is beneficial for you and for your business because it helps you to revise your webinars. If there are some point you didn’t pay attention to, recording a webinar will be helpful to check it. There are other benefits for recording webinars.screen share skype

• Recording your webinar is useful if you would like to help your collaborator who mix the live streaming. There are many people who get some unexpected situations that block to attend to their webinars. Recording it will be very helpful for them.
• Useful for sharing what you learn during the webinars.
• You can use your recording webinar for other business purposes. Instead of doing another webinar, you can share your last webinar to your customer.
• Webinar is more useful than Slideshow. Use a webinar instead of a slideshow to advertise on your product.skype screenshare

How to Record Webinars on PC for Free?

If some people you invited cannot attend to an important webinar, you can record it and transfer it to them to watch it after. It is important to know how to record a webinar on your PC for free. With ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can easily record your webinars.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a cloud based video conferencing software. It enables you to connect with people around the world at any time. It provides several features, like logging into with google account, sharing screen, drawing unshaped ideas with interactive whiteboards, instant chat with all your participants during your webinar, face to face online collaboration, discussion and sharing, recording and playback, and more.instant messaging apps

how to record webinar on pc free

It is compatible with all devices like laptop in Windows OS and Macintosh OS X, iOS and Android devices. You can easily add a participant during an ongoing webinar. It is mostly used by companies because of its integrated HD video conferencing and audio conferencing and it is easy to use.

Steps to Record A Webinar on A PC for Free

It's easy to record webinars on your PC for free with ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you just need to follow these steps.

Step 1: You have to download ezTalks Cloud Meeting available at ezTalks website.

Step 2: Create an account with ezTalks by providing your email address and other additional information. It just takes a few minutes to complete your registration.video conferencing platforms

how to record a webinar on your pc free

Step 3: when you open ezTalks Cloud Meeting, start your webinar by clicking on Start a Meeting.

how to record a webinar on pc free

Step 4: Invite your customers and colleagues to attend the webinar.

Step 5: Click on record to start recording your webinar on your PC. You can pause your recording and resume it at any time.

record a webinar on a pc free

Tips on Recording A Webinar on A PC

Recording webinars on a PC for free is very important. Here we provide some tips to have a great quality of recording webinars.secure video conferencing

• Before running your webinars, check the sound by asking your audience if they hear what you said and disable your notification.
• Try to know your audience before the webinar begins. This will help you to avoid confusing.
• Don’t forget to start recording when the webinar begins.
• Ask questions to your participants during the webinars. This will help you engage to your audiences and clarify on some confusing point.
• During the webinar, something can go wrong. Problems can come. Don’t let this problem make your webinar a failure. Be concentrated and in control to solve this problem.
• Do not use any expression that reference date or time. Since your webinar are around the world.

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