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ezTalks: Mobile Collaboration Software Beneficial for Your Business

Communication for proper collaboration comes in several forms including instant messaging, video conferencing apps and lots more. Check here for mobile communication collaboration tools to enhance your employee efficiency and productivity.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a video conferencing app designed to enable people from different geographical locations to work on common projects. It is built with several features and wonderful that ensures effective collaboration and communication among workers. It is an easy, professional as well as feature-rich internet based conferencing service. This is built to enhance business video collaboration, making it easier and simple.webex sharing screen

Some of the features of ezTalks Cloud Meeting that made it one of the effective free mobile collaboration tools include:

- HD video and audio

Innovative whiteboard

- Content sharing and instant screen

- Recording and playback

- Scheduling and arrangement

- Management and control.


2. Slack

If you want easy and feature-rich mobile communication collaboration tool that will offer you easy file transfer, powerful message search and instant messaging, then Slack is the option. It is designed with powerful features that made it perfect for collaboration in the workplace. Slack collaboration tool has lots of great features as well as integrations with other tools such as Intercom and Trello.google screen share


3. WebEx

WebEx is another one of great mobile and desktop collaboration tools, designed to enhance flexibility and efficiency. This particular collaboration tool offers video personalized meetings offering users opportunity not just to host but also to join meetings. Some of the uses of this collaboration tool include:what is telework

- Effective team collaboration

- Training

- Webinars

- Customer support.


4. GoToMeeting

You want to schedule meeting with other works in other geographical location, you need not travel to the meeting venues when there GoToMeeting. This is a collaboration tool designed for internet-based video conferencing tool. It is built with features that allow users to share screens and even schedule meetings with others. This is a popular video tool attracting the attention of oodles of users in the world.advantages of cloud computing


5. Flowdock

For your private as well as group chat to enhance collaboration, one of the best platforms is Flowdock. Among other great features associated with this collaboration tool, the most exciting is the team inbox feature. Team inbox feature associated with Flowdock collects notifications from different other channels, such as Asana, Twitter as well as customer support applications.


6. Asana

For your complex project management with co-workers in other geographical areas, you need Asana. It is a popular mobile collaboration tool for project management. With the use of Asana users can do the following:

- Assign tasks to member users

- Add more followers to projects

- Follow up with deadlines.

In fact, this wonderful tool is useful for strategic planning and other uses.


7. Trello

While looking for a collaboration tool that will enable easy project monitoring with co-workers in other geographical location, you should think of Trello. This is a collaboration tool designed with intriguing interface sharing resemblance with solitaire. The features of this tool include:

- Easy to use interface

- Assigning Tasks

- Project management.

Apart from the wonderful features associated with this tool it also makes use of project management tools like Scrum and Agile quite easy.conference calls in real life


8. Dapulse

Dapulse is one of the most popular collaboration tools used in tech improved workplaces. It is mainly used for the following reasons:

- Communicate with other employees or co-workers

- Setting of objectives

- Assign tasks.

The great benefit of this application over others in the market today is the powerful visual design. This design is not just easy to work with but also to understand.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/unified-communications/mobile-collaboration-tools-to-enhance-employee-efficiency.html 


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