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ezTalks: Video Conferencing Service Market Analysis

The manufacturers of videoconferencing terminals also make the bet of convergence. Or how, starting from a unified solution, to launch indifferently an audio, video or web session. People + Content from Polycom a technology acquired with the acquisition of PictureTel or Duo Video from Tandberg ensure this interoperability. Connecting a PC to the videoconferencing terminal allows live video to be simultaneously broadcast on a dedicated station and content on a third party monitor. At the moment, these dual streaming solutions are based on proprietary systems.best voip

However, a standard is about to emerge with the adoption of the H.239 standard by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) last July. The market will also have to rely on another leading player: Cisco. Last January, the network equipment manufacturer completed the acquisition of its former partner Latitude Communications, publisher of the MeetingPlace web conference solution.skype for business video conference

A month later, Cisco put up an extra brick by releasing version 4.0 of Call Manager, an IPBX that manages voice over IP but also video streams. Only Cisco equipment and Tandberg terminals with which the OEM has signed an agreement support the proprietary protocol (Skinny). But a major trend is confirmed: the collaborative visiotéléphonie 'tout IP' neologism remains to be found is for tomorrow.iphone conference call

Expert opinion: Jean-François Pinchon (Iris Resources): 'the web conference comes in addition to the audio'
'The web conference is complementary to audio conferencing, by far the most popular and reliable service. By conference call, it is always possible to exchange files, even video, by e-mail or by instant message.video conference equipment

For the time being, the interactivity of web conferencing solutions remains limited. Presentations based on PowerPoint 'lightweight' documents are only more presentable than an instant messaging session. best voip app They do, however, enhance the presentation of a vote or online quiz. Typical case: a sales force seminar. Another advantage of the web conference: its price. We can test the formula in rental mode. But web conferencing will only really be of interest when the pipes are large enough to allow the voice and content to merge into a real-time IP stream rather than reconstituted packets. '

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