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ezTalks: Web Conference Service Providers in the Market

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It is 56 Kbit / s depending on the publisher. This allows a connection from a laptop. With this throughput, the integration of voice, and even more of video, is banned.online whiteboard

Billing: Per-minute, license or processor rates
Flexible in its use, the web conference is also flexible in its mode of invoicing. Rates for the duration, the package, per license or processor: the choice is wide. At WebEx, the entry price is 40 centimes per minute and 170 euros the license (degressive scale).

For Microsoft, Microsoft offers a per-minute price of $ 0.35 and a "wheelchair" concept per quarter on a monthly basis of $ 375 for five seats or $ 750 For ten places. For major accounts, the US publisher offers an annual subscription, depending on the number of users, with the creation of a dedicated conference center. Finally, IBM markets Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (formerly Sametime) 50 euros per user or approximately 30,000 euros per processor.video conferencing camera

More complete, Lotus Workplace Team Collaboration (instant messaging, web conferencing, team workspaces) is provided for 90 euros per user. IBM is also expected to offer an ASP offer in the coming months.best free voip

Strategies: Remote conference offers crystallize around the web
Manufacturer of terminals, audio operator, network equipment supplier or publisher of online training software ... web meeting software The actors of the web conference come from all walks of life.

Small market called to become big, the web conference stirs up lusts. Alongside the pure players in the WebEx web conferencing market, Raindance (formerly Evoke), there are a multitude of actors from a wide variety of backgrounds. Centra's journey is revealing in this respect. Coming from the world of e-learning, the US publisher has gradually extended its virtual classroom offering to online meetings and web seminars. Centra 7, latest version, also includes a knowledge management module to enhance the archived sessions.alternatives to webex Actor of the teleconference since 1986, the Franco-American Genesys Conferencing took the turn of the web, in 2001, with the acquisition of the Canadian Astound. Its resulting Meeting Center offering now enables it to cover both audio, multi-point video and content sharing.

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