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ezTalks: How is the Video Conferencing Market Changing

 Microsoft intends to dethrone WebEx since its acquisition of Place-Ware in January 2003. To target the mass market, the Redmond giant is relying on the high degree of integration in Office 2003 of Live Meeting, formerly PlaceWare Conference Center. 'By clicking on' Meet Now 'in Outlook, you can immediately organize a meeting, without an ID or pre-booking, Stéphane Dugelay, Product Manager of Live Meeting and Live Communications Server, says. By backward compatibility, the solution can be used with Outlook 2000 and up to PowerPoint 97. And if you do not have one or the other, a web browser is enough for ASP mode. To meet all multi-party or multi-party online conference requests, with or without video, Microsoft combines Live Meeting, Live Communications Server, MSN Connect, and various partner offerings together or separately. Shake the market: IBM, for whom web conferencing is a component among others in the family of communication tools.benefits of collaborative learning

If Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (ex-Same-time) is sold separately, it is found in Lotus Workplace Team Collaboration. This collaborative work solution combines synchronous functions (instant messaging, web conferencing) and asynchronous (discussion forums, document management). 'From his virtual desktop, the user has all the tools to communicate,' says Thomas Coustenoble, marketing director Lotus France. IBM also capitalizes on the robustness of its architecture to meet the needs of high volume processing. In addition, another great actor, Cisco, has just entered the game in January by acquiring a specialist, Latitude Communications.
Cultural barriers and lack of securityfree screen share

How can Europe explain the delay in the United States? It would be due to a number of cultural barriers. In times of evangelization, the distinction between web conferencing and videoconferencing would remain unclear. Moreover, our Latin preferences would lead us to privilege face-to-face meetings. An unfounded idea for Jean-François Pinchon of the consulting firm Iris Ressources: "The organization of work in our companies is increasingly based on the Anglo-Saxon model.video conference interview

NetMeeting's private use of instant messaging (AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger) would have pave the way. 'The web conference does not replace the physical appointment but completes it, tempers Stéphane Dugelay, Microsoft. Once the trust is installed by a first face to face, document sharing online project, contract ... can start. Another often cited obstacle: safety.live meeting Even if this does not fundamentally compromise the security policy of an ISD, the reluctance is real to open ports 80 (http stream) or 443 (https). 'Security managers, particularly those of the CAC 40 companies, advocate intranet solutions with a server hosted locally and thin client, notes Jean-François Pinchon. An "internalization" that has a cost license, deployment, maintenance and requires a certain volume of use. 'The European market will truly take off when voice and video will be perfectly integrated into IP traffic, with the US being less demanding for this type of integration.screenshare online

Current compression rates are detrimental to quality. A shift of a quarter or half a second makes the exchange particularly painful. 'Voice over IP is well suited to sessions with low interactivity, such as webinars, online training or support,' said Olivier Vaysse, head of WebEx France. video conference interview To fill this gap, publishers have entered into agreements with local telecom operators to offer, in parallel, audio conferencing services. As for the integration of the video demand more rare but impossible to circumvent for the meetings of direction it proves more delicate. We will really have to wait for the real time 'all IP' to consider it.

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