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How To Replace The Fuse In A Laptop Motherboard

How To Replace The Fuse In A Laptop Motherboard

Back in December, we had an issue with a Dell laptop that necessitated a system board replacement.  If you attempt to use a motherboard of an alternate brand, you must wire the front-panel connector manually by disassembling the connector and using the Dell XPS 730X pinout guide for the front-panel I/ to figure out what pin goes where (pictures needed).

If your system failed with a popping noise or a smoky smell before the freeze-up happened, do your best to locate the failed component by visual inspection (and smell) before you reassemble the PC. If the system boots, or at least passes the point of the freeze-up when it's stripped down, you can start replacing the parts one-by-one, always remembering to unplug the power supply or turn off the power strip when replacing motherboard adapters.

Giving you only information that when I press the on button on my Inspiron E1405, which is attached to the wall even or running on battery, the LED lights go on (screen is black).. about 2-3 seconds of the LED being on (while still with black screen) the laptop powers off.

Official website:http://www.parts-dell.cc/

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