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FIFA 17 released a model called "Journey" in September, and fans
played Alex Hunter's career. Announcer EA today announced impressive
statistics on this new event. From September 24 to October 24, fans play
more than 178,000 games per hour, totaling 124 million games, more than
174 million games by Hunter singles. A month of time, all this adds a
fairly impressive statistic to any coach's measure. In fact, the
"Journey" FIFA 17 in the first week than FIFA buy cheap fut 18 coins at the same time in the game, FIFA 17 goals increased by 20%.

Adventure starts normal. It is an absorption of the way to accept
an opinion of the barbarians, and anyone knows that a franchise can be a
very interesting stubborn admirer. The dwarf
Esplanade is not an adventurous rich because it is an alternative to
film experience. Most of the adventures are through a fast game and FIFA
18 points and the explosion to achieve part of the exchange of a simple

Make sure Star Trek online is not your only hobby. Long time to
play FIFA 18 game is very unhealthy. Make sure you also enjoy the rest
of your life. Video games can be very addictive, so make sure you play
modestly. Video games have a lot of interesting elements that can not be
discussed in an article. I hope you get information to help you solve
the game experience. By playing FIFA 18, relax from the tense day and
enjoy yourself. Many people like to play games. This hobby attracts
children, adults, college students and professionals. Many people will
continue to read this article vipfifa18.com and learn more about their knowledge.

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