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Injuries were the theme of the 2018

Visceral blowback to the NFL’s updated rule that players
can’t lead with their helmets to make contact is straight out of tough-guy
football 101. Hard-hitting defensive backs say the league is destroying the
physical element of the game or lament that it’s changing the sport entirely.“Do
they want us to play flag football?” Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard said.
“It’s crazy.”Beyond the criticism from old-school players bristling at another
rule change or point of emphasis is legitimate confusion as to how the enhanced
regulations will actually be enforced. No longer can a player initiate contact
with his head anywhere on an opponent’s body https://www.theredskinslockerroom.com/authentic-terry-mclaurin-jersey ,
penalized 15 yards or possibly by ejection in egregious cases, and players and
coaches — offensive guys, too — are bracing for how it will be applied.“You just
hope it’s not called as frequently, because if they are going to call it on
every single offensive and defensive lineman, the game is going to be played at
a snail’s pace,” 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman said. “It seems like they are
neglecting the impact it is going to have on the game, and I don’t think they
fully understand the scope and how huge it will be.”Contact to a player’s head
and neck has been a penalty for some time now, but this rule was ramped up to
take it a step further. A ball carrier or an offensive lineman can’t lower his
head into a defender, and a defensive player can’t make any part of his helmet
the primary point of contact when attempting to tackle.It’s similar to the NCAA
rule that has been in place since 2013, though at the college level, “targeting”
carries an automatic ejection, reviewable by replay. The league estimated that
just two plays last season would’ve led to an ejection under the new rule that’s
forcing players to adjust their approaches.“It’s really hard to change the way
you’ve been playing after 20 years,” Cowboys safety Jeff Heath said. “You’re not
always thinking about where you’re hitting somebody. You’re just trying to get
them down. As soon as you start thinking, and second-guessing yourself, I think
that’s when trouble happens. Hopefully it does the job in keeping players safe
but doesn’t result in a lot of ejections.”As the NFL alters this rule and
another to kickoffs in the name of safety, some players are willing to accept
the reasons for changes. Denver’s three-time All-Pro linebacker Von Miller said,
“They’ve put in rules to take care of all the players, as well, so I’m good with
all the rule changes.”Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he used to fight the
evolution of football “like an old dog,” but has come to accept changes in the
name of doing the right thing for players. He expects there to be a wide
application of the enhanced helmet rule and doesn’t consider it such a bad
thing.“I think it’s across the board because it can happen multiple times on any
play Montez
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, where guys use the top of their helmet,” Carroll
said. “We’re just getting out of it. It’s really about going back to really good
shoulder-leverage play.”That’s how Josh Norman feels about it. The Washington
Redskins cornerback knows he has accidentally made helmet contact with
opponents, but as a player not known for those plays considers this a reminder
about sound fundamentals.“Head up, bowed neck, tackle with your facemask,”
Norman said. “It’s not with the crown of your head. Obviously injuries come.
People get paralyzed like that. Nobody should play like that.”To get the message
across, coaches Anthony Lynn of the Chargers, Doug Marrone of the Jaguars, Dan
Quinn of the Falcons, Mike Vrabel of the Titans and Todd Bowles of the Jets each
narrated a clip-by-clip video illustrating how the enhanced rule affects a
different position group: running backs , offensive linemen , defensive linemen
, linebackers and defensive backs . Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin and
linebackers Willie Lanier , also a Hall of Famer, and Willie McGinest taped
minute-long videos explaining to players the importance of stance posture and
technique to avoid unnecessary head contact.In the first test of the heightened
emphasis on head contact, Baltimore linebackers Patrick Onwuasor and Kamalei
Correa were each flagged for 15-yard penalties in the Hall of Fame game that
opened the preseason. Watching that gave Denver coach Vance Joseph a glimpse of
what effect the helmet rule will have, pointing out it’s not just on players to
adjust.“Coaching that part, in my opinion, is going to be the tough part — not
the defenders,” Joseph said. “That’s been taught and that’s been coached for a
long time Dwayne
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, with the offensive guys using their stiff arm and
putting the ball in the proper hand, using their shoulders versus their head.
It’s going to take teaching.”It’s going to take some trial and error in games
for players and officials to realize how it will actually be called. Veteran
Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander figures it could happen somewhere on the
field on any play, so he and his teammates will try to toe the line between
watching out for it and not thinking so much that it proves costly.“You can’t
really change your mindset,” Buffalo safety Micah Hyde said. “That’s when you
start playing passive, and you start giving up stuff. I don’t know, it’s kind of
hard to explain, it’s kind of when your ankle’s hurt, you tape it, you’re
thinking about it, and then you might hurt something else. It’s the same along
those lines, you can’t really think about it: Just go out there and play
football.” season along the Washington
offensive line.Nine different offensive linemen played at least 200 offensive
snaps for the team as they mixed and matched on a weekly basis to fill out the
unit. One of the biggest losses was right guard Brandon Scherff, who was lost
for the year at midseason to a torn pectoral muscle.Scherff said this week that
he feels he is back to about 90 percent and expects to be “ready to go” in time
for training camp.“I think it was just a fluke injury,” Scherff said, via the
team’s website. “My arm got caught in a weird position, and my pec popped.
There’s nothing you can really train for that injury, but it’s all about getting
stronger and eating healthier — I’ve been doing that a lot better — and just not
worrying about [the injury]. Just going out and playing football.”Washington has
to figure out its starting quarterback for the 2019 season, but life will be
better for whoever gets that job if the team’s able to field a consistent
offensive line this time around.
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