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The Morning After: Derek Carr’s interceptions doom Raiders in
otherwise competitive game The NFL season has officially begun Bo Jackson
, and through one half of football last night it was looking
very hopeful for Jon Gruden’s return to coaching. Then the 2nd half happened and
the fool’s gold of the first half was already a distant memory. Any time a team
loses their opening 33-13 you can’t say it was a good game, but the 1st half of
this beat down was actually something to be excited about. Too bad the 2nd half
dashed so much of those good feelings away entirely too efficiently.Though the
final score says 33-13 in favor of the Los Angeles Rams over the Oakland
Raiders, the game really did feel much closer than that score would suggest.
That has been the running theme from Jon Gruden afterwards too but it’s true,
the game fell off the rails late but for much of the time it was well within
reach. The Raiders were competitive all the way until QB Derek Carr threw one of
the most ridiculous interceptions you will ever see with 8 minutes left in the
game and Oakland down 10 points.If Carr doesn’t inexplicably toss the ball like
a father playing catch with his son directly to Rams linebacker Cory Littleton
then Oakland would have likely kept the game from getting so out of hand. The
Raiders had just capitalized with another huge Jared Cook reception (kudos to
Cook for a really great game) when that interception happened, and all of the
air in the entire stadium went out of the crowd and the team afterwards. Without
that bizarre interception the Raiders likely put up a field goal or maybe even
finally get some legs in the 2nd half for a touchdown and return the game to
just a one score difference. Even though the Rams drive after that interception
only resulted in a field goal, they took almost 5 minutes off the clock in
demoralizing fashion and the 13 point lead after that with 3 minutes to go
already put the game out of reach. Derek Carr threw the pick 6 to Marcus Peters
after that to truly eliminate even a miracle finish, but scoring two touchdowns
in just over 3 minutes against that Rams defense already was too tough to do
anyway. The lofted interception with 8 minutes to go was far more critical than
the pick 6 afterwards was, that Peters interception was just icing on the Rams
win after the fact. As angry as I am about having to see such a lopsided score
on what was actually a very competitive game against one of the best teams in
the league, it still gave quite a bit to be hopeful about in the Gruden 2.0 era.
This game got out of hand, but for much of it they stood toe to toe with
probably the most complete team in the NFL. If not for the mistakes from Derek
Carr they could have still won this game in the 4th quarter, but they can’t just
die on offense like they did last night and expect to win.The biggest issue
coming out of the game is with the Raiders best player though, and that is very
much something to be worried about. Derek Carr played well in the first half, he
was 20 of 24 passing at half time. However, he ended up 29 of 40 with way too
many check downs in those completions along with all three of his interceptions
being awful throws. Worse than that though, he just simply looked scared even at
times when he had plenty of time. It is completely fair to wonder if we will
ever see the 2016 version of Carr again after injuries have left him gun shy for
a season and a game since then. You never want to over react over one game from
a talented quarterback, but this isn’t one bad game for Derek Carr. People won’t
like hearing it, but last season was not a good season for Carr either and this
was not a good way to open the season for him. I already thought the pressure
was on Carr big time going into this season, starting out with a 3 interception
performance in the season opener only reinforces that pressure. He can still
show he is the franchise quarterback that he looked like he was in ‘16, but he
needs to stop looking like the cowardly lion out there. If he can’t regain his
confidence then the Raiders may have to consider that maybe he isn’t the QB they
thought he was when they gave him a then record breaking contract.Enough of that
depressing thought though https://www.raiderslockerroom.com/authentic-antonio-brown-jersey ,
Carr still has 15 games left in this regular season to show that this was an
anomaly and that he is going to get back into form. Besides, he will also get a
lot more help from his receivers moving forward because they won’t be playing
such good corners every week like they did against the Rams. Aquib Talib and
Marcus Peters create one of the best tandems in the NFL and that forced the
Raiders to game plan away from their receivers. You can guarantee that future
game plans will try to get the ball into the hands of Amari Cooper and the other
receivers far more often than they did in this one. Jared Cook’s monster effort
was huge, but the Raiders need their receivers to play better than this no
matter the competition. Cook’s 9 reception, 180 yard performance kept them in
this game almost single handed, he was spectacular but you can’t count on that
every week. They need to be able to rely on their receivers too, not just Jared
Cook.The other thing that the Raiders are going to absolutely need to figure out
moving forward though is how to fix their pass rush woes. They only had 1 sack
and 2 QB hits in this game, the rest of the time Jared Goff had a lifetime to
throw. The secondary actually looked okay considering they had to cover so long
every play, but that pass rush was just sad.There should be some natural
progression there though, you do have to show some patience when relying on 3
rookies with P.J. Hall, Maurice Hurst and Arden Key to make impacts. Key did get
a QB hit but showed why the Raiders can’t have him be a 3 down guy just yet by
giving up the edge too easily when aggressively seeking the QB. I did like what
I saw out of all three of those guys overall, but hopefully their learning curve
gets accelerated now that so much is going to depend on their performance for
the defense.The one great play from the defense was Bruce Irvin’s strip sack,
especially because of how important Irvin is to the defense now. With Khalil
Mack gone it makes Bruce Irvin the most important player on the Raiders defense
and that means he absolutely needs to be productive. Plays from Irvin are going
to be extra motivation for the whole team now that he is the face of the
defense, that strip sack was a big step in being the leader the Raiders need him
to be. Next time though he needs to recover the ball if he lands directly on top
of it again.All in all, this game leaves me a lot more hopeful than a 33-13
beatdown rightfully should. The 2nd half being horrid and Derek Carr being the
biggest issue in this game are both big things to worry about going forward, but
the Raiders stuck with the Rams until the wheels fell off. Without the bad
turnovers they had a real chance in this game against a superior opponent and
that is the biggest reason for some hope going forward.Jon Gruden and the
Raiders absolutely need to come out swinging against the Broncos though, it’s
one thing to lose to an elite NFC team like the Rams, it will be quite another
thing to lose badly to a division rival. After the heat got turned to full blast
on this team they need something good to happen, beating the Broncos is exactly
the medicine the doctor ordered. Now let’s see if the Raiders can fill that
prescription next week though, because how they play against the Broncos will be
a big tell on how the tone of the season is going to go. A bad loss next week
and it will be extremely hard to be as hopeful for the Raiders season as I am
coming out of this loss to the Rams. This was an extremely unlikely game to win
anyway Womens
Derek Carr Jersey
, and they were way more competitive than the
score indicates. Losing this game wasn’t unexpected, but they need to turn
around and show they can win when they face the Broncos next week in Denver.
Most importantly though, they need Derek Carr to prove that he is still the
player he was before he broke his leg back in 2016. It’s been a long, cold, hard
offseason. It feels like I haven’t done an NFL game thread in months, and in
fact the last one was the Super Bowl. But football is back, baby! Tonight is the
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thread: Broncos vs. FalconsNew,71commentsPDTIt’s been a long, cold, hard
offseason. It feels like I haven’t done an NFL game thread in months, and in
fact the last one was the Super Bowl. But football is back, baby! Tonight is the
Hall of Fame Game between the choke artist Falcons against the Most Hated Rival
of our beloved Raiders, the Denver Broncos, who like to talk an awful lot of
smack about Oakland considering they were only a shade better last year.The
Broncos will be sitting Joe Flacco for this game, a strategy Baltimore employed
last year and went to the playoffs because of it. Instead, “Hollywood” Kevin
Hogan will start for the Donks against a pretty okay Atlanta defense.The Falcons
drafted a pair of offensive linemen early, but tackle Kaleb McGary is undergoing
a heart procedure and is out for a few months so he won’t play tonight. Don’t
expect to see many star players for long, if at all.You can enjoy this
football-like substance at 5 PM Pacific on NBC. Enjoy the game!
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