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The vehicle that carried me has changed over years. From the boxy,
white Ford Aerostar, "Vincent Van Go", to simply "Q" the Nissan Quest,
to CeCe, my very own '97 Honda Civic. While the vehicle has shuffled and
the destination varies, the feeling a good old fashioned road trip
evokes in me rests unwavering..

"The GRAIL spacecraft inside the handling can departed Astrotech and
arrived at the launch pad, SLC 17B on Aug. 18" said Tim Dunn, NASA's
Delta II Launch Director in an interview with Universe Today. "The
spacecraft was then hoisted by crane onto the Delta II launch vehicle
and the spacecraft mate operation was flawlessly executed by the
combined ULA and NASA Delta II Team.".

One said on Twitter : "as we all know, descendants 3 is coming up
soon. Can we all please hype this movie as our last tribute to cameron
boyce? He worked so hard for the past two movies and this movie is
probably the last thing we'll see. This is so unbelievable but we hope
you're up there in peace".

The Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster features a 3 point harness
to keep kids, ages 16 months to 5 years and up to 50 pounds, in place
and includes another strap to ensure the booster doesn't leave the adult
chair. This portable booster seat is the perfect toddler gear for use
at home, in restaurants or on visits to see friends and family. Bonus:
This booster is dishwasher safe and the seat cushion can be removed for
quick and easy cleaning.

Work has been ongoing in the River Esk catchment over the last 10
years to understand the relationship between hydrological processes and
freshwater habitats, but also to establish collaborative working between
practitioners, professionals and communities to improve the river
habitat. Freshwater Pearl Mussels (FWPM) are under particular threat of
extinction (Strayer, 2008; Ricciardi and Rasmussen, 1999)and
areparticularly susceptible to nutrient, abiotic and wider
hydrochemistry changes expressed in surface and groundwaters (Gee, 1991;
2008; Buss et al., 2009). They are in decline throughout their
geographic range, afforded 'endangered' status on the International
Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red Data List, and are a UK
Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) 'priority species' (IUCN, 1991; Skinner
et al., 2003; Bolland et al., 2010; Geist, 2010).

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