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other agencies previously settled the matter out of court, also for
undisclosed sums.No internal documents were handed over to Fairfax Media
as part of its government information access request.NSW Police's
response to Fairfax's request for documentsDarren Brand, Senior Sergeant
co ordinator at the NSW Police information access and subpoena unit,
denied a request for documents relating to how much was paid to Micro
Focus as part of the settlement, and why the matter was settled out of
court.Mr Brand did however divulge that no one was sacked as a result of
the legal action by Micro Focus and the legal costs for the case
totalled $1,829,709.29.''To put these costs in context, Micro Focus has
claimed as much as $12 million in damages,'' he said.Mr Brand said there
was a stronger public interest against releasing all of the information

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