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Give yourself a reboot. Reboot your mind, body and spirit for renewed
energy and perspective by starting a meditation practice (apps like
Calm and Headspace are great), participate in therapy, or a mindfulness
or yoga class or retreat. Get in touch with your inner, deeper self and
with your needs.

Senator Marco Rubio has just declared the law requiring equal pay for
equal work, theLilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, is nothing but a boon for
lawyers. Not only is that a gross misrepresentation of the law, it is a
standard ploy used by those who oppose individual rights and corporate
responsibility for wrongdoing. Many laws that seek to hold powerful
corporations or wealthy people accountable are attacked on the basis
that giving people the means to enforce their rights is a way for
lawyers to get paid.

For the first quarter of 2015, net revenue is expected to be in the
range of$114 million to $116 million, representing growth of
approximately 51% compared to the first quarter of 2014. Adjusted EBITDA
is expected to be in the range of$19 million to $21 million. Stock
based compensation is expected to be in the range of$12 million to $13
million, and depreciation and amortization is expected to be
approximately 4 5% of revenue..

So should he leave take the traditional values to one of the other
parties? Do you know that various state and federal laws put up huge
hurdles for third party candidates? There are no televised debates or
any news coverage. Do you even understand how important news coverage is
for Americans to find out who running? Besides all of these he should
stand firm and make the party return to the traditional republican
values that brought the reppublican party into power. If it was not for
Ronald Reagan the Republican Party would not be here today.

Understand that most people are partial to their own families and
customs, traditions and ways of doing things. This can apply to big
things like religious practices or little things like how to load the
dishwasher. Recognize that these differences are neither bad nor good,
right nor wrong they simply ARE.

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