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План действий
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Hugh McNair received two Croix de Guerre plus the US Army wow classic gold
Distinguished Service Cross. McNair, Jopling, Hodson, and Zerbel placed
their own lives in danger to help rescue their wounded comrades. They
and their fellow medical staff helped ensure that the death toll from
the war wasn worse..

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This research therefore provides a critique of some of the more
positive assumptions underpinning current concepts regarding children's
participation within policy debate and argues for more micro research
on individual children's lives. This research highlights the importance
of the social aspects of sustainable policy. This relatively neglected
dimension of sustainable environmental policy suggests the possibility
of an alternate model of sustainable travel with respect to the journey
to school, which accounts for the web of interconnecting influencing
structures involved in the formation of children's everyday lives, and
which also considers the importance of children's agency.

The center of the community, located at the bottom of the mountain
after a winding descent of agility that was often foot in front of foot
thin, is a concrete futbol arena. This is the resident's mall,
Starbucks, movie theater, front yard, dance class, and everything else.
Do they realize there is a mall, Starbucks, and movie theater? I am
embarrassed to think this.

"You look like a boy with those pants/shorts on. Did you know that
many years ago girls weren allowed to wear shorts or pants? Only boys.
Girls had to wear dresses. As a result, in this participatory research
project, older people's discussions contributed to the expansion of the
conceptualisation of mobility as fundamental to living, and consequently
a broadening of the understanding of mobility in terms of a physical,
social, psychological and spiritual engagement with the world. The
nature of this engagement with the world is further analysed in terms of
connectivities. These connectivities are developed over the life course
and influence the way in which the older individual is able to relate
to her or his social, structural and physical environment, and the
resources that are available to the individual for coping with changes
associated with ageing.

Since 2003 we have collated an extensive dataset on erosion of
coastal rockslopes. We now seek to extend the coverage of our data
collection and increase the frequency of data capture, by combining real
time terrestrial monitoring with airborne and satellite remote sensing,
allowing us to consider the short and long term nature of coastal
cliff change. The initial stages of this project will involve
methodological development with the ultimate aim of capturing data to
allow the detection, characterisation and modelling of 3D changes to
coastal rockslopes and relating these to geomorphic, geological and
oceanographic controls.

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