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The last time Andrew Luck showed up for the offseason

Also, the Colts were terrible.Now, he’s healthy, they’re coming off a surprising playoff appearance, and he actually had a chance to rest before reporting back.He made sure to take care of the home front by saying getting married in March helped make it “probably the best offseason I’ve ever had L.J. Collier Jersey ,” but it took him a moment to realize he needed a break.Luck said Colts General Manager Chris Ballard challenged him to unplug, for his own good.“I actually got away, truly,” Luck said, via Mike Chappell of WTTV. “It took a little bit. I didn’t realize that still I was a little bit on edge from the season http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.com/authentic-marquise-blair-jersey , even a month or two afterwards. But finally got a chance to get away. . . .“He [Ballard] kind of challenged me to turn my mind off in a sense. It took a while, but I did get away. I feel refreshed. I got a chance to catch up with a lot of family and friends and folks, and obviously getting married. It was a very nice offseason.”As much as he might have needed it, Luck said there was part of him that couldn’t believe the way last season ended, after the Colts won nine of their final 10 games to overcome a 1-5 start.“I couldn’t get off that high T.J. Hockenson Jersey , if that makes sense,” Luck said. “Emotionally it felt weird not going to work for a while. It took a while to say, ‘This is OK to reset.’�?�But I do think it was necessary. Also a chance to regroup, refresh.”And now, he’s able to work out from the starting point of being healthy Jahlani Tavai Jersey , which is something else he’s not used to. The Saints said that they were comfortable signing undrafted rookie defensive end Carl Granderson despite a pending trial for sexual assault, but a judge in Wyoming wasn’t comfortable with the terms of a plea agreement Granderson struck with prosecutors to avoid that trial.Granderson agreed to plea no contest to one count of sexual battery and one count of unlawful contact with a recommended sentence of one year of unsupervised probation and a mental evaluation to be completed within 60 days. The reports that district court judge Tori Kricken rejected that part of the deal, however, and sentenced Granderson to begin a six-month term in jail immediately.The sentence is for the unlawful contact charge. There was also a one-year suspended sentence for the sexual battery charge and one year of supervised probation once Granderson has completed his six months in jail.Granderson was taken into custody and escorted out of the courtroom at the end of the proceedings. His attorney did not have a comment for reporters.Serving the entire six-month term would make it impossible for Granderson to play for the Saints or anyone else during the 2019 season, so it seems likely New Orleans will free up his roster spot for someone who will be available for training camp later this month.
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