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What Nike’s new City Edition NBA jerseys say about your town

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Nike has unveiled a new set of Cheap NBA Jerseys meant to reflect the character and culture surrounding the team wearing it.

The swoosh is undoubtedly hoping the new jerseys will be a hit with
fans by highlighting the aspects of their teams and cities they take
pride in. Nike could certainly use the win right now. Its first year as
the NBA’s official apparel provider has not gone well. Its jerseys,
which it touted as fitting and wicking sweat better than any previous
NBA uniform, have been ripping noticeably during games, and Nike left
people miffed by not supplying special Christmas Day uniforms. The
holiday uniforms have become a tradition, and it was the first time in
years teams didn’t wear them.

The new City Edition jerseys offer Nike an opportunity to get fans
excited again. Nike’s designers worked directly with the league and each
of the teams to find things that represent the places and the

“With City Edition, we felt like this could be really compelling to
make a true connection of, still the organization, but the organization
in reflection to their city and their community,” Elesban Montoya, a
senior graphic designer at Nike and the art director of the uniforms,
told USA Today Sports. “What does it mean to be a Chicago Bulls fan?
What does it mean to be a part of Chicago?”

Several of the jerseys also pay tribute to diversity and unity, a
message Nike has been pushing particularly hard since Donald Trump
entered the White House.

So far Nike has revealed the looks for 26 teams of the 30 teams. Many
could satisfy fans—but probably not all. Reviews so far have been
mixed. (Jerseys for the Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, New York Knicks,
and Toronto Raptors are still to come.)

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